Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle"
James Keller
And so it begins. Since my main focus is to share quotations, I couldn't think of a better phrase to capture the spirit of this site than Keller's. My goal is to post daily; life gets in the way so we'll see how it goes. But that's the intent. I'll always start posts with a quotation first in bold, my day-to-day musings will be placed below for anyone who may wish to follow along.
On days when nothing more interesting happens than the cat throwing up I'll still post a quotation if nothing else. Right now this is pretty bare-bones, as time allows and I get more familiar with this thing I'll add more pictures and more features to keep things interesting. (Won't be long).
I'm hoping to get feedback from those of you who would like to pass along favourite quotations, inspirational stories etc. Spammers, trolls etc. please waste your time on someone else; life's really too short.
What to say? First, the little guy up top is Widget, one of four furry little critters who own us. Photo can be clicked for a larger view. Minor victory last night, I played a duet with my piano teacher (hi Julia!) which went really well. First one a month or so ago was a disaster; last night was only my second ever, not including banging on the keyboard with my cousin in my early teens, so I was pretty stoked.
I had a relaxing day off today with Sandy, ran some errands, got this site up and running and cleaned up some cat puke (there it is again). Not what I'd call terribly exciting but some days it just feels great to be alive. And this was one of them.
Not much else to say, so this is me signing off.


  1. This might sound a little strange but I have an insightful quote rather than an inspirational one and the source of it is where you might find me a bit nutty.

    I don't know how much Tony has told you about me but both of my parents (real aka adoptive) are deceased though in one of the many dreams where one or both of them have appeared, my Mom said this to me in one of my dreams, "Sometimes people say something is impossible to protect themselves from having to make a choice."


  2. C-M, not nutty at all. Since I first started distributing quotations from work over a month ago (which subsequently evolved into this blog) I've had many people contribute quotations to me. Gotta say, this is the most interesting source so far!
    Did she ever say that to you in 'real life', or do you think it's your subconscious talking?


  3. Tag back's a bitch. x)

    Looks like I'm not first though.


    March 28, 2009...where would I have been...I would have already dropped out of university and started folding clothes instead.

    Life's awesome.