Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's been a lazy morning and I'm in the mood to write, just not about anything of any real significance. So I guess this will be my first rambling post.

As I type this, Sandy and I are in the midst of our regular Sunday ritual; sitting in the living room, cat in lap. The fireplace is on, relaxing 'chill' music playing on the stereo (Zen, piano and waves crashing). It's probably the closest thing for those of us who don't live anywhere near the beach. Sad. I'd kill to be down South in the islands right now, or in Australia.

It's always nice to have the cats settled. Owning four (!) cats can be rewarding, but also a little challenging at times as they all have different diets and don't always 'play nice in the sandbox' together. So the morning routine is usually as follows.. separate Widget and Belle downstairs from Dante and Mandy upstairs. Fill three crunchy food dishes, four soft food dishes, change three water dishes, clean two litter boxes.
Mandy is a sixteen-year-old tortoiseshell who's kind of the equivalent of a grandmother on special meds. So I need to prepare her soft food with a thyroid pill, arthritis chew, and furball remedy. By the sounds of this you'd think she was about to take her last breath but she's actually fairly active, constantly purring and had a great check-up a couple weeks ago. She can get a little crotchety with the others; sometimes I think if she were human she'd be the kind of senior that yells at people to get the hell off of our lawn. We don't plan on adding any more critters to the household as we've already entered 'crazy cat-people' territory. And to think I never used to like them. Sheesh. These days I'm up to my eyeballs in fur and cat toys.

It's pouring rain outside and I'm faced with the prospect of having to get off this very comfy chair to do housework, which I really don't enjoy. Okay, so vacuuming isn't too bad. But cleaning the bathroom is a different story entirely.

So here I am, trying to make this latte last as long as I can. Given my passion for this stuff, all things pasta and red-headed sports cars, I think maybe I was Italian in another life.

There's something about the rain and thunderstorms I really love. I always have, just never knew why. I think some people just have a very close connection to water.


  1. Hey Barry

    I was wondering if I would be able to use some of your quotes on my site?


    P.S: Thank you for that comment it made my day

  2. Hi Annalisa,

    Sure, you can definitely use any or all of the quotations (quotes) I post. You don't need to credit my site as I don't own any copyright on them, except the ones I write myself. You can use those too.
    Do you mind if I create a link to your blog in my sidebar? I adore your writing, and you have some very positive views which is what I'm trying to convey through my page as well.


  3. Barry,

    Thank you very much.
    I'll say some credit towards you with the ones that you have wrote.
    Yes that would be great I don't mind at all.