Monday, September 5, 2011

Etsy- "Lynn Elizabeth Photography"

                                                       "Tillamook Beach IV" 8x12

I've decided the time is long overdue to promote some businesses that my on-line friends are running.       

The first is Lynn Elizabeth Photography, owned by my dear friend Rebecca Hauck. Becca's first love is her two children but not far behind is a passion for photography. Much of her work involves outdoor subjects like this...

"Driftwood" 8x12

and this...

"Let's Go Adrift" 8x12

I have both hanging in my office. It's hard not to be biased when talking about someone who has become an important part of your life but these photos really are striking and I've had some great comments from people who drop in to talk to me. The subjects Becca shoots have personal meaning to her; maybe it's because I know a lot of the history behind them but I feel it shows through in her work.

"Lighthouse" 8x12

  I placed two separate orders a few weeks apart. As a business transaction things went as I had expected, a bit better actually since the photos arrived a couple days sooner than I had anticipated. Each picture came in a sturdy cardboard package with a protective covering inside, hand-signed and ready to frame.

"Tutu Black and White" 8x12

Even better than doing business with a friend is knowing they're handling it professionally and with pride. You can drop by her shop here.         

If you have an Etsy shop or other small business you're running on-line and you'd like to get a little more exposure, please drop me a line and I'll consider featuring you in an upcoming post.


  1. These pictures are really beautiful <3

  2. Thank you, truly, for doing this for me! I'd love to generate some new business!!

  3. These picture are gorgeous..

    Thanks for sharing this with us...

    (thanks for your lovely comments in my blog...made my day :-) )

  4. These pictures are gorgeous! Really, really, nice.

    I love Dirtwood.

  5. Becca's an amazing photographer!! :)