Saturday, February 11, 2012

Secret Sunday

I'm going to be up at stupid-o'clock tomorrow morning (5:00am) to attend a show with a friend of mine (a plastic model contest in another town), so I'm posting this now. Even though it's still Saturday in Canada it's Sunday in some parts of the world so technically I'm not jumping the gun. Nope, no premature post-ulation here. Happens sometimes when guys get older. :p

Okay. Time now for the 58th round of Secret Sunday, a chance to anonymously share secrets and/or fantasies you've been keeping to yourself. Some are uplifting, some are heartbreaking and some are just plain naughty.

All are valid.

Here's how it works:

1) This is open to anyone who wants to participate, from regular follower to casual visitor.

2) If this is something you'd like to run on your blog please feel free. Let me know and I'll follow along.

And now to it...


  1. I'm glad you have secret Sundays. Doing this is hard. Being best-friends with your ex-boyfriend is hard. But I am determined to no longer cry because I promised myself that I wouldn't chase after a man ever again.

  2. After 17 years I still can't forget you. Why did you break my heart? Why do you still haunt my dreams? And Why does SHE get to live my dream life with you??????????

  3. I dream about him, and I think about him everyday, every second of my life. The first thing I think of when I wake up is him, and the last face I see is his when I close my eyes to sleep. I'm going insane by wanting him. What I don't understand is that he is already mine, but he's so far away.

  4. All I can think about is how badly I want to live with my boyfriend! :) Not really a secret but need to share :)

  5. Regaining control is only possible by the past methods, and this time I want to keep that secret from those around me.

  6. I've realised what a massive mistake I made, and it's meant that I've lost the chance of a relationship with someone I've realised I really cared about.