Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What I Believe...

  • I believe disposable razor blades are the biggest rip-off in the history of the world. The equivalent for women is, of course, pantyhose.
  • I believe people who are different from us should be met with curiosity rather than condemnation.
  • I believe spirituality is truly expressed not by the number of times we attend church but in the way we treat others.
  • I believe the medical field blatantly overprescribes medication for physical and mental issues in the name of kickbacks from the pharmaceutical industry. And it infuriates me.
  • I believe I may always be completely undecided about tattoos on women, but I've seen some that are hella sexy and some of you are wearing them.
  • I believe Animal will always be my favourite Muppet.
  • I believe Lee Harvey Oswald didn't act alone in the Kennedy assassination.
  • I believe gaming and social media have their place, but I also think they're contributing to the slow death of social skills.
  • I believe there is no greater creation on earth than Woman.
  • I believe I know people in their teens and twenties have a voice and adults who would presume to know better would do well to listen.
  • I believe in extraterrestrial life.
  • I believe it's possible to love two people at the same time but in different ways and for different reasons.
  • I believe most parents only think they know what their sons and daughters are doing upstairs on their computers.
  • I believe religion is probably the most stupid reason ever to start a war.
  • I believe secrets are sacred and should be fiercely guarded.
  • I believe no woman, regardless of what she wears is “asking“ to be sexually assaulted and anyone who buys into this is grossly ill-informed.
  • I believe mental health practitioners are too quick to put a label on everything and it's caused further psychological distress in untold thousands. By way of example I don't believe nearly as many kids are ADD as we've been lead to think.
  • I believe the most important thing in the world, more than love, is compassion towards others.
  • I believe my brain will explode first before I ever fully grasp the concept of existentialism.
  • I believe that regardless of sexual orientation people love fundamentally the same and should be accepted for it.
  • I believe if I die from anything it’ll be curiosity.
  • I believe you'll never count backwards faster than when you learn your ex is pregnant (ask me how I know).
Edit: My friend Lucy decided to do her own post. Check it out here .


  1. I believe you are one of the most amazing people in the entire world. :)

  2. This list is amazing and I believe so much of it... and I heard you on the over diagnosis TOTALLY.

    and i agree with jennifier, you're pretty amazing.

  3. That was inspiring. I saw you last post. Sandy looks great with darker hair! Hope you had fun.


  4. Thanks Rasha! ♥

    I'm sure with your Psychology background you've learned a fair amount about the overuse of medication in the field. Crazy isn't it.

  5. Vivi! Miss you, let's catch up sometime. xo

  6. I love this post. It inspired a list of my own.

  7. That's great Lucy, I'll check yours out!

  8. It is so very refreshing to have someone believe in their own views, yet still be completely and openly absorbed to the creations of other minds.

    I am still in the woods but leaving a trail behind. I should write to you soon.

    Keep the magic of mystery on your side, for you will always captivate the many surrounding. Keep inspiration firmly in your heart and not your hand - so it may run away and return at simple request. Keep going.

    Always a rarity x

  9. I likewise despise disposable razors. Nodded in agreement the whole way through your list. Even your last....cause I've helped some friends count back in panic, lol.

  10. i'm curious? tell me how.

    what a wonderful list. i love what you believe in. which is why we are so close :) xoxo

  11. If you bought one of those crummy Phillips/Norelco Arcitec shavors like I did, you would think disposable razors are the best way to go. I will say that Animal is cool but I lean towards Oscar myself.

  12. i definitely believe that u can love 2 people with your whole heart at the same time

  13. loved your list Barry! I believe the same thing about church even though I like to go also :)