Monday, June 25, 2012

Love Story

This is a poem I wrote for my first on-line friend, Anna, who I met shortly after I started blogging in 2009. I was charmed by her writing, especially about her boyfriend; it was passionate but refreshingly innocent. Over time we got to know each other and formed a close bond. 

This piece has always held a place for me because I've never captured the spirit of someone's relationship more completely than I have here. It's also the first poem I've written of a story seen through someone else's eyes. Anna still has the original I sent in her room somewhere, thousands of miles across the ocean. I've watched her grow into a woman over the years and we're still friends today.

Posted with her permission.

Love Story

So come to me on bended knee,
And calm my insecurity.
We’ll lay beneath the Aussie skies,
Fight the dark and greet sunrise.

With stained-glass rays to warm our face
We’ll run each day’s uncertain race.
Love’s moments spent near or apart
With you forever in my heart.

On crashing beach and windswept plain,
Through winter’s chill or summer’s rain,
We’ll act like fools for all to see
Or be content to simply be.

Stolen nights entwined as one
When passion’s dance has just begun,
Your deep blue eyes and tiger skin
With every breath I’ll breathe you in.

Then hand-in-hand we’ll face the day,
Climb obstacles that come our way
And thank the day that we both met
My shining Prince.
Your Juliet.


  1. Lovely poem for the young couple ~ It never grows old ~

  2. oh my god, so beautiful. i came across your blog quite randomly. really very beautiful! makes me wish you'd written a similar one for me :)

  3. I love this poem Barry =) It's really beautiful