Friday, June 29, 2012

Quest For Cheese

Today was one of the busiest I've ever had at work. I'm not in the frame of mind for anything cerebral but I do feel like posting, so I'll share something I wrote on Facebook about our trip to the supermarket tonight.

Sometimes too many choices at the supermarket isn't a good thing. Why is it so easy to find Tibetan Hairy Elk cheese or Norwegian Midget Double Aged Beaver cheese but it takes literally ten minutes and two staff to help locate a block of plain friggin' Swiss? They even put holes in other cheeses just to fake you out, to make you THINK you've finally found it. That's what the security cameras are really there for. They don't give a damn if you set off the alarms for the razor blades, they want to watch you go apeshit trying to find a specific cheese.

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. We have minimum two kinds of Swiss in our Deli Cheese Bar, Emmantal and Harvati. I can even cut them to the size you want ;)

    I swear Auckland does that with our Rubbish Bag placement. I work in the place and STILL can't find them. Sadistic bastards.

    Best of luck on your next Swiss Mission!

  2. I agree!!! I have a hard time picking out cheese too- I want everything and not sure which one is better than the other.

    When in doubt- go with goat cheese, sooo yum. That's funny that Swiss was so hard to find- like you, I would imagine it would stand out!

  3. I LOVE cheese and I know what you mean! I'm usually just looking for a good Cheddar or cheese spread, and sometimes they're buried behind all the fancy brands I haven't even heard of! lol