Monday, February 15, 2010

Bloggers over Borders- giveaway winners


Hi everyone,

   Sandy has randomly drawn five winners for my giveaway.  The following will each be receiving a copy of "Toronto: A Photographic Portrait", by Mike Filey.  They are:

In Joy and Sorrow
A Poet's Circus
I Know, Right?
Past and Future Tense

Congratulations, your books will be mailed this week.

In addition I'll be sending out a commemorative letter to all of you who have participated, as my way of saying thanks for your support.  Currently I'm in the midst of matching all of you with another blogger; over the course of the next two or three days I'll be e-mailing everyone with further information.

I've decided to make this an annual event, hopefully growing more each year. Thanks everyone for doing your part to make this a success.  It's been a lot of work but also a lot of fun.

I look forward to hearing any stories you have as this is set in motion.


  1. Congrats to the winners! This book looks absolutely stunning. :)

    I can't for the Bloggers Over Borders Project to start!

  2. OH cool! Congrats to the winners!! =)

    I can't wait to do the bloggers over borders. I'll be looking at my email. =)

  3. Hi Barry, many thanks I'm looking forward to it, looks stunning. Thanks for your comments earlier, my apologies I've done a little post trimming reminded myself never to post when I get in from work...!

  4. yay! congratulations to all the winners (leah especially)...and thank you so much, barry, for the kind words today. you made me smile big time :)

  5. Hurray :-) Can't wait for it to start!

  6. I am so fascinated by your Secret Fridays. I have Fridays off and do most of my blog catching up then, and I always come across that post - it's such a great idea - so interesting. What a great way to share in a way that's safe and comforting.

  7. Can't wait to see who I'm partnered with! :)

  8. Yayyyy!!! I'm SO HAPPY I was a winner. :) I'm itching to get my hand's on this book so I can see where you are from. Hehe.

    And I am so freaking excited for BOB!! You've given me a lot to look forward to. That's awesome.

  9. Thank you Barry! You will see a pic of this book in my coffee table. I love collecting coffeetable books. XOXO

  10. I think you should give away a coffee table next time, so we can have somewhere to store our coffee table books

  11. Just so everyone knows, the picture above isn't the cover of the book, although it does have tons of fantastic colour photos. The book itself is about 8 1/2" x 11".

    Tony, I'll fax you a coffee table.

  12. Oh! Barry!!! You are so extremely sweet!! You always are there to post a comment and make the end of the day (here it's 11:05pm) a lot better!! I'm about to answer your email :)

    Thanks for being so great :)



  13. Barry! My you have come in to my blog life quickly and full of force and inspiration! Thank you for all of you amazing words!!! Please please use the "if I were" post! It's meant to be passed on! And you may call me Lacey! It is my name after all.

  14. My very first won giveaway!! Thank you so much.. I am very excited to participate and to be receiving my book!! :)

  15. OMG YAY! Thank you so much! I'm so excited and happy to have won!

    Much, much love