Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bloggers over Borders participants- please read

Hi everyone,

  Entry for this project is now closed and things are in motion.  Here's a list of those who are participating (all sites I've listed here can be linked).  I'm leaving this up for 48 hours; if you have any input or concerns within this time please e-mail me.  I'm sure I have everyone, but if for some reason I've missed you let me know and I'll add you.

Participants are:

Melanie’s Randomness
I Know, Right?
I Am the Walrus
Minute by Minute
Little Loves
Language is Wine Upon the Lips
Nina’s Ballerina Closet Obsession
Absent Minded
Life in Quotations
Getting Fit and Loving It
Nut in a Lifeshell
Thoughts and Prose of a Synchronistic Catalyst
The Style Crusader
Social Climbers
Past and Future Tense
The Happy Cactus
A Poet’s Circus
Post Apocalyptic Bohemian
In Joy and Sorrow
One Long Road
Sunlit Catastrophe
^~ طرطشة افكار ~^ (Mohamed in Giza, Egypt)
Or So I Feel
When Chocolate Melts and Coffee Burns (sorry for missing you Neisy)

My thanks to all of you who have signed up.  On Monday I'll be drawing names and e-mailing all of you with information on whom I've matched you up with.  I'll also be announcing the five winners of my book giveaway , "Toronto: A Photographic Portrait" by Mike Filey.  Stay tuned!

Photo credit here.


  1. YAY!! can't wait I am very excited ..

  2. hi berry thanks for visit ,

    happy valentines day

  3. You forgot my blog Barry.How could you?:(

  4. oh, YAY! I'm so VERY excited! Now on to thinking what I would like to mail...

    Much love on Valentines Day,

  5. Wow! This is fantastic, Barry! I'm off to catch up on your other posts...

  6. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog barry :) i really appreciate it. and just because you're blog is called a life in quotations, i want to share my favourite quote with you:

    All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream- Edgar Allen Poe

    Happy Valentines Day xx

  7. Oh Barry! How sweet you are! You tagged my blog on your side bar!! I'm thrilled to bits with that!! Almost crying!! THanks a lot, this means so much to me.



  8. ah thank you for the sweet comment on my blog about jennifer's post ... it was honestly one of my favorite guest posts, she truly is fabulous! hope you had a great valentine's day!

  9. Hey Barry..I happened to tagged you in this post on my blog.Please pay it a vist :)

  10. Hey Barry..I happened to tagged you in this post on my blog.Please pay it a vist :)

  11. Barry! I meant to sign up for this!!! Ari told me about it, and I thought I emailed you, but I don't see it in my outbox. :( Is it too late?! *sniff*

  12. Shoot. I panicked and commented. Now that I go back and read the post calmly, I see it is too late. Boo. :(

    Maybe next time. It's a wonderful idea. ^_^

  13. ah! how did you know that is one of my favorite songs EVER!

  14. Barry - this is so exciting how many people you have participating :) Hip Hip Hooray!