Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Eyes Have It

"The strands in your eyes
That colour them wonderful
Stop me and steal my breath."

-'I'll Be', Edwin McCain

No two ways about it, eyes are a massive turn-on for me. They're the most mysterious part of the body, by far the most expressive and draw me in more than just about anything else. 

During conversation I always look someone in the eyes. It's one of life's little pleasures, but it can also make it hard to follow along because it's incredibly easy to get lost.  There have been times when I've been talking with someone and realized after a few minutes, "I have absolutely no idea what you're saying."  I never experience this when speaking with men, so it obviously runs deeper than what I see on the surface. 

There's a tremendous connection that can be made through eye contact, it's far more powerful than many of us realize.  We've all heard it said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, that we can tell a lot about a person just by gazing into them.  If we're good at reading body language we can determine a lot of what someone's thinking or feeling by certain aspects of their eyes; the way they appear or where that person fixes their gaze during conversation.  Pay attention and they'll speak without saying a word.

For example, we have very little control over our pupils; they dilate (enlarge) when we're interested in something we're looking at or the person we're talking to. Next time you're speaking with someone you think might be interested in you, check out their eyes.  Flirt a little, then change the subject to something boring and watch what happens.  It's all part of our eye body language (yes, that is a real term.)

I may do a post about body language, flirting and attraction later.  But for now, some of my favourite eye candy...

Okay, who let the emu in??


  1. I LOVE EYES!!! I think one of the tricks I use on men are my eyes! They are big and from time to time they change the color! I love my eyes!!! First thing I see in a man are his eyes. I can decide in seconds if I am interested or not, sth like sixth sense!

    I don't see you much on my blog Barry. I hope that life is treating you well.

  2. eyes are a beautiful, spiritual thing. i would love to read a post about body language for sure!

  3. Yeah, eyes are a big turn on.
    PS re emu- It was the guy who let the dogs out

  4. I'm a fan of eyes too, but not of blue ones.

    I love the emu eyes, btw

  5. I agree about eyes, and I do love that song you quoted lol. :)

  6. love eyes. i think i like them so much because even though whatever that person is saying, regardless of if its true or hard to say or a lie or whatever, you are able to see it in their eyes.

    dude the emu at the end, BEST ENDING lol

  7. pretty eyes! THe eyes are a powerful thing. I can often tell if people I am close to are lying to me by their eyes.

    When I was a baby and child, my eyes were very bright blue and I always got compliments. They have faded to a more "normal" blue now but I still like them haha

  8. great post! eyes are powerful and such a persuasive body part.
    i would love to read a post about body language...that would be so interesting.
    xoxo, jamie

  9. LOL!
    That Emu!!! Oh, what a way to crack me up...