Sunday, July 11, 2010

What's Your Story? Guest Writers Wanted


"I'd take the awe of understanding over the awe of ignorance any day."
- Douglas Adams

  I've seen a lot in my life.  Still there are many things I want to learn more about.  As I get older I find myself developing a curious fascination for things I may never experience, sides of life much different from my own.

  I think there's often a tendency to simply dismiss or criticize others for certain aspects of their lives that we don't understand or agree with.  Whether struggles they've faced, lifestyle choices they've made or hotly debated subjects like sexual preference or religion, I wonder how many of us really take time to ask questions.  To look into these issues and attempt to understand before forming our opinions.

  With this in mind I'm continuing my 'Greater Understanding' series of posts. With this I want to explore things we tend to shy away from, those that some believe should be kept behind closed doors. If there's one thing I know, it's that there are a lot of people who feel misunderstood.  This is where you come in.

  I'm looking for people who are willing to anonymously share a bit about their lives in the following areas:

  -alcohol or drug dependancy
  -rape or abuse (sexual, physical or emotional)
  -relationships (examples but not limited to): 
  • same-sex  
  • polyamoury
  • bi-sexual
  • pansexual/omnisexual
  • asexual
  • promiscuity
  -lifestyle (examples but not limited to):
  • swinger
  • BDSM
  • D/s
-mental 'disorders' (examples but not limited to):
  • depression
  • self-harm  (covered here)
  • bi-polarity
-eating disorders
-anxiety disorders

  Whether or not I've experienced any of this, regardless of whether it's something I'm interested in exploring or even agree with, I want to know more about it.  I want to understand people better. It would be faster and easier to simply do some research and write about my findings.  But without exception I've found things are easier to understand when heard or read through the words of those who have personally gone through them.

  If you're experiencing (or have experienced) any of the above in your life and you're willing to write a post explaining what you've gone through, please get in touch with me at barrysquotations(at)gmail(dot)com

  If you're able to contact me anonymously that's fine, but whether you identify yourself or not please be assured that I will not be passing judgement, your post will be 100% anonymous and your name will never be revealed.  Commenting will be disabled if you choose.  I don't plan to edit these posts, I want to keep them in your own words.  If I strongly feel a change needs to be made for some reason (usually grammatical) I'll notify you before putting it up.

  I hope you'll join me in bringing a little more awareness and understanding to some very important issues. A little compassion can go a long way.

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  1. Barry- you're such an amazing person to reach out and help people tell their story in such wonderful way. These are important issues and they should never be overlooked or discarded... I look forward to reading the post that come from this, to better understand and grasp that we should just be thankful we are alive.

  2. this is such a lovely idea.
    i agree with rasha, allowing people to tell their stories is so important.

    i really do look forward to reading them all.
    maybe i'll even have something to say :)

  3. Ooh, this is going to be interesting! I can tell already!

  4. I think it's a great idea. I really like you curiosity about life and people. I agree this might be very interesting.

    I have a new url for my blog! Please update your blog roll!

  5. I'm with Lauryn on this one... this is going to be REALLY interesting. I don't really have anything to share related to any of those topics... well except maybe BDSM. Only kidding :)

  6. ps- I've missed your blog Barry :)

  7. What a great idea. I'm interested!

  8. Well, this all sounds most interesting. Not one to be brave enough to tell my stories, I do find the anonymity of this compelling.....I might find myself persuaded to share a few in this forum.

  9. margg and anonymous (and everyone else), please feel free to submit. I'd like to hear about a variety of topics.

  10. Your blog is always compelling - I think it comes from your constant strive to explore and learn and share. This is a great idea.

    Also, I was so moved by your previous post and Katie's story. The pictures are so lovely and although her story is tragic, it is inspiring and beautiful.

  11. Ugh... I SO need to write that post we spoke about. I started it and then I just couldn't keep doing it. So weird. SO INCREDIBLY hard to dig up and write those feelings down... over 10 years later for freak's sake!

    So Hi:) I'm Cindy and I'm a follower of your blog. I'd like to reintroduce myself and say hello. SO much in my mind lately and SUCH an uncomfortable chair to sit and write. I miss wireless.

    And back to your post - I've suffered from body dysmorphic disorder since as long as I can remember... it sucks. I deal with it, but it never feels right. Maybe I should write about that also. It's not too dramatic really... more like a nuisance!

    Say hi to the cats from me. I'm getting my own furry critter soon;))))

  12. I have a story to share, email me?