Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Some Hearts (poem)

  I'll assure you that despite yesterday's topic of tears and today's post on heart-break, everything's fine with my relationship and I've been in a great mood this week. I came across this poem tonight as I was sifting through some of my older work.  I wrote it when I was twenty-one after a break-up; amazing the emotions that being dumped can pull out of you isn't it?

  I'll be featuring more of my writing from this time in my life in upcoming posts.

Some Hearts

Some nights are better spent alone
Some lives best lived apart
Some hearts are better left untouched;
Their flames burn brightest at the start.

Some questions are better left unanswered
Some feelings never chanced
Some tears are better left unshed
Some dances never danced.

Some walls are better left unbroken
Some love best left ungiven,
Because when all that we think
And feel has been spoken
Some hearts aren’t always forgiven. Registered & Protected

Graphic by lucaszoltowski 2008-2010 .  Photo credit here.


  1. Unlike the previous poster, I love this poem and think it was beautifully written for a 21 year old.

  2. Barry you are a dear sweet friend and I will never forget the messages of love and the prayers that you sent out to Stellan and I.
    Thank you for being there when I felt so powerless.
    Much love to you and Sandy
    xxMichelle and Stellan

  3. I really like this poem =) but it made me sorta sad from the image in my head that you were just sitting on a desk and writing you sadness out.

  4. Who on Earth is this ridiculous anonymous poster with such horrid comments?

    This poem is too heartbreaking. It is simple and true, and it flows so wonderfully.
    I love it.

  5. Wow, this is heartbreakingly sad yet beautiful, but I can feel the weight of your words as if they were my own, especially during this phase of my life. Sometimes, we love so much, and give so much, and when the disappointment of a potentially perfect relationship not working out hits us, we can't help but linger on these feelings of not wanting to go through the process of falling in love at all again.

    To me, the loss of love (any kind) is like somebody wrenched your heart out of your chest. Your words to me are the afterthought, and the revival, the ability to move forward once more, perhaps, months later is the aftertaste. I am still waiting for this aftertaste. I really hope it comes.

  6. Beautiful words, Barry. beautiful. Move me to tears...