Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tiki Party Photos

Hey guys, I'm taking a break from Secret Sunday today to bring you this post instead.  Drop by my Secret Garden blog if you still want your fix.

Last night we threw our yearly Tacky Tiki Party. It's our way of blowing off some winter blahs and a chance to let loose and have some fun. Each year we decorate part of the house with paper lanterns, parrots, cheesy pink flamingo patio lights, tropical fish and whatever else we can get our paws on.  Here's how it went this year.

Some of the decorations...

Of course Nutkin was there...

And brought some friends....

There was plenty of food...

With a few unexpected surprises for the guests...

                                                          cocktail sticks

playful ice shapes

Plus copious amounts of alcohol.  And what party would be complete without Jello shooters?...

The weather was miserable, of course it just had to snow last night after being clear for days.  Despite this almost everyone showed and I was extremely happy.  During the party I had to run out to pick up a friend and her daughter at a nearby hotel, so I bundled up...

...and headed out to the hotel with a buddy.  They weren't expecting to see anyone dressed in Hawaiian garb so we caused a big scene in the lobby...

My friend Krista, we regained contact last Fall after about twenty years.

Back at the house, people convened in the kitchen as they always seem to...

Soon a conga line formed...

Sandy hit her birthday during the party.

Towards the end of the night, after people had a few drinks in them we got into a game of "I Never". I think it's safe to say most people there shared more than they ever would have sober. Another hour and things would have got really interesting.

It was definitely the best Tiki party we've had and probably one of the best three we've ever thrown. A great way to beat the winter blahs, if even just for a night.


  1. Thanks for helping make my birthday such a great time! And I agree, it was definitely the best party yet!
    Luv u!

  2. Love it ! Wish i could have made it. Alas I was here enjoying the beach. :) Happy birthday Sandy!!!!

  3. You're welcome honey. Love you!! xoxo

  4. Well Rhi, if you couldn't make it I'd say the beach was a pretty good reason.

  5. look like fun, i love the flamingo lights. Kind of scared of the cocktail toothpicks though...

  6. It was fun Jill! Nothing to be scared of, no one was hurt in the use of the cocktail toothpicks. :)

  7. Gald you guys had fun!! It looked so fun!!

  8. Yes, that looks like one awesome Tiki Party Barry. I'm glad you had so much fun! It's always nice to hear about your partying adventures. :)

    P.S. Happy Birthday, Sandy. :)

  9. you. guys. are. insane.
    I love it, though. :)

  10. hahaha! hilarious! It seems like you had blast!

  11. Looks like an awesome party! What a great way to warm up in the winter!


  12. Looks like a fun time. I was passing through your area at about 8:00pm and was thinking about stopping in, but the roads were so bad. It took me over 4 hours to drive home. Happy birthday Sandy, totally forgot....luv ya

  13. Wow, looks like you guys sure know how to have a good time! Perhaps too good of a time, hehe. Looks like a blast :)