Sunday, February 20, 2011

Where Do I Find Inspiration?

I've been asked many times what influences my writing, what is it that inspires me. Although other writers have an influence on how I write, books rarely determine what I write. Instead it comes from my everyday dealings with people both in the physical and here in cyberspace. Rather than explain in words I'll let pictures reveal what captures my heart and mind...

Woman. Whether my wife, those in my family, surrounding me in my daily life or you, nothing drives my writing more than women and the emotions they evoke.


You guys. Some of you I've written for, some of you about.  The things you've said and done have had a significant impact on the way I see life and on what's been brought into mine. Makes me happy.

Extreme emotion

Inner darkness

Free-spirited people

Lord Byron, British poet and one of the leading figures of the Romantic Era.

Musicians such as John Mayer, my biggest songwriting influence. I love the way he captures the human condition.

Weather (this deserves a post all its own)...

Stormclouds. I love a moody sky.  I use storms as a metaphor for the inner turmoil that brews within us at times.

Sunrise. What an incredible way to start off a new day, under a fiery painted sky. Each sunrise makes me appreciate just being alive, rekindles my wonder towards life and has set the tone for some of my most passionate work.

Rain. God I love a rainstorm (preferably not being caught out in it). The sound of it pouring down, the rumbling thunder, that feeling in the air has an amazing affect on me. Some of my more provacative pieces have partially been written during rainstorms. 

The moon. Mysterious, alluring. It's been a companion in the small hours when my mind is clear.


  1. that moody sky inspires me as well and i do love rain.

  2. I like it! It's good that everyday things can create inspiration. I prefer sunsets to sunrises. Probably because I have seen more sunsets in my life since I'm not much of a morning person :) I did love seeing the sunrise while on an airplane though.

  3. Those are all wonderful inspirations, Barry! I especially love rain too, although, I also wouldn't mind getting caught in a rainstorm, if I had no where else to be. There's something very renewing about it. Sunrises are awesome too. :)

  4. However we write it always just seems to be for 'effect'. Are we really touching, 'hearts and souls' or merely filling up a few moments of someone's day?
    Doubt sets in. The writing becomes more clawing, drowning, searing - desperate? Will they listen still. Would they answer? Of course. We cannot help but feel it is only polite to do so. Uphold the manners! Only in our response may we prove ourselves worthy of someone else.
    Where do inspirations stop short of emotive triggers? Looking for tape to cross and striding forth on to the railway lines. Dangerous territories. Do inspirations make us dance with our own 'fate'?

    Concepts don't expect answers but the people that believe in it. They long for them. X

  5. These are great! I love how you combined your written inspirations with evocative images. I am especially inspired by rain, other writers, the sunrise, the moon, emotion, and free-spirited people. :-)

  6. Lots of wonderful sources of inspiration! I miss rain storms... snow storms just don't have the same effect unfortunately!

  7. Thanks everyone! I'm always intrigued by what moves/inspires people. Interesting how many people enjoy a rainstorm.

  8. Well Barry you are just the most inspirational dude I know :)
    Thank you for all of your sweet comments on my blog lately!! xo