Saturday, March 3, 2012

For A Friend

First love, first heart
First casualty.
Fractured words fluttering upon
Feet unsteady
Beneath knees weakened
By the blow unexpected.
In silence, dampened eyes
Searching for solace
Find your heart remains yet.
And across the miles
Through this room’s shadows
Holding vigil
In an hour so late
The voice of one so young
Your words,
Dance upon my screen and proclaim
I am not broken,
I am found. Registered & Protected


  1. WOOW!! Thank you so much big brother!! No one has ever done something something like this for me! THANK YOU! Thank you very much. You've really touched my heart. Thank you! -hugs- I'll keep doing my best each day and everyday!

  2. You're welcome Shula, I've been so impressed by your attitude and your strength. :)

  3. This was fantastic, I love it!! Definitely one of my favorites.

  4. Aww, that's really sweet. First loves and the heartbreak that follows...I remember mine and my daughter's already had hers. Hugs to you, Shula. I promise, the pain will lessen in time and the time it takes will lessen if you focus on you and your life instead of on him/her, the loss or the questions. <3