Saturday, June 11, 2011

21 Things About Me

  • I'm 5'11"
  • I once rode a rollercoaster in my pajamas
  • My navel is slightly off-centre
  • My brother and I used to catch snakes. One day they got loose in the basement and I almost didn't see my next birthday
  • Russell Peters and I used to do amateur stand-up together Tuesday nights in Toronto. Not as an act but the same night, same line-up, same stage. He was a lot of fun even back then
  • I think women look just as beautiful when they're pregnant
  • People find me very open-minded. I can't remember the last time I was shocked or repulsed by a desire or experience someone shared with me
  • Although I'm not bisexual I think they're some of the most beautiful people in the world. The ability to find beauty and attraction in both sexes is amazing to me
  • I used to have an intense dislike for cats and now have three of them
  • I've never had a cup of coffee in my life (excluding the flavoured kind)
  • I don't smoke, never have
  • I don't like hockey
  • I think the nape of the neck is incredibly sexy
  • Justin Bieber still annoys me and it kills me to admit he has some talent
  • I used to have hayfever, allergies to ragweed and cut grass but I've almost completely grown out of it
  • I'm still allergic to all nuts, bananas and penicillin
  • I love summer, can't stand winter
  • People share incredibly personal things with me. I'll take every one of these secrets to my grave
  • I once let a dozen springy Tiggers loose on a shelf in Walmart. You should have heard the noise
  • I have a very wide taste in music. A friend has recently turned me on more to new country which I swore would never happen
  • If I could live anywhere else in the world it would be Australia hands-down


  1. The feeling is most certainly mutual. :)

  2. What a lovely and interestingly diverse list!
    Thank you for sharing :)

    Hope to hear from you soon X

  3. I knew a lot of these things. :) Glad you have joined the good side of cat lovers! haha I hate Justin B. too