Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just One of Those Things...

  Y’know those moments where something seems so funny you laugh until you cry and just can’t stop? Then when you finally compose yourself you happen to think of it and totally lose it all over? That was today.

  One of the girls at work said she was going to see a play, which started this conversation..

Girl #1: “I’m going to see Richard the Third.”
Girl #2: “Do you have an appointment?”
     Me: “Yeah, he’s probably busy.”

  This sent Girl #2 and I into hysterics to the point of crying. Girl #1 just kinda looked at us all funny then started to crack up too.

  Fast forward to dinner tonight.

  I tell Sandy the story and lose it again. She‘s looking at me like I‘m possessed, I go through about four tissues to dry my eyes before once more gaining control. Then this happens..

Sandy: “I suppose King Lear was out of the question.”
     Me: “He was unavailable.”

  What followed was another ten minutes of my life I’ll never get back. You had to be there, but damn was it funny!

  My head hurts.


  1. hhahhahahahhaa. i just had one of those today. me and my friend were sitting in a restaurant and sipping limeades and talking. we got to talking about being checked out, and how some guys seem to have xray vision. then she said that they can make a potato look hot. my goodness, i lost it for about 5 minutes. then i finally managed to calm down enough to tell her my mental image. a potato. in lingerie. and stilettos. hahhahhahahahahhahahhahahaha. insert 2 teenage girls laughing hysterically. it felt like an ab workout.

  2. hahha! You guys are hilarious!

  3. Aaaaahahahhahahahahhahahaahaa.
    I'm so happy to have finally found someone who shares my sense of humor.
    Nobody else seems to get me.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. It's funny when you tell a story that u think is hilarious, but once u say it out loud, people look at your crazy because you just "had to be there." I do it a lot lol

  5. It sounds like some of that on the spot humour indeed, hilarious! I'm glad you had a good laugh on multiple occasions, it is so very healthy to laugh! :)

  6. Ok that was great!!! and I'll let you know by the time I finished reading I was smiling and smirking picturing it all!!! Hope the weather holds out for you .. so far this way its looking like a dry day .. a bit overcast, but I'll take vs the rain for the past few days .. xo HHL

    P.S. hello to Sandy. Need to get you guys back out this way again now that the gardens are all coming in...xo

  7. Yeah, it was one of those times I just couldn't stop laughing. Sandy always plays it straight but I know she usually finds it amusing.

    HHL, we def need to hook up with you guys again!