Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Scar Project



 I've started a project that I'm hoping some of you will be interested in participating in. I was talking with a blogging friend of mine who used to self-harm (cut) back in high school, which thankfully she no longer does. During our conversation she told me that one of her cuts has scarred into the shape of a heart. I was struck by the symbolism of this and it got me wondering how many people have a similar story to tell.

  Most of us have scars from something, self-inflicted or otherwise. Some have a great story behind them, others are painful reminders of things we'd rather forget. But all are part of the journey of our lives. I hope you'll share yours for my latest blogging venture, "The Scar Project". What I'm looking for is a photo of a scar that has significance to you for any reason whatsoever, with a written story (long or short) behind it. You don't have to mention where it is on you if you'd rather not. I'm also looking for stories of emotional scars, whether or not you feel they've healed. Let me know if I can include your name, if you prefer to remain anonymous I promise to respect that.

  This is in no way meant to romanticize or glamorize the wounds life gives us.  My hope is that sharing your stories might raise awareness for some people of what others have gone through. I've always thought it's important for people to know they're not alone in their experiences.

  Please contact me with submissions, questions or comments at barrysquotations@gmail.com .  I'll reveal the results in a future post.


  1. Thanks for your kind words.
    This sounds like a cool project. I have one scar on my finger from cutting it on a mirror in dance class, the sharp edge of one. It's white now though so may be hard to show up in a photo.

  2. It's so thoughtful, personal and awkwardly beautiful.

    Is the private ever really personal when everyone's so alike, after all?

    It was so good to hear from you. X