Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Part Scrooge, Part Santa

Last week wasn't a particularly good one. The weeks leading up to Christmas are typically our busiest of the year at work, and with a few additional variables thrown in I found the stress was getting to me more than ever. It started affecting my disposition and I didn't like who I was becoming.

I always try to keep my attitude in check and remember that the people around me are rarely the source of the problem. A couple times I let it show that these things were getting the best of me, which isn't setting a great example for my crew. A few deep breaths and short walks usually did the trick.

It wasn't all bad though, actually most of it has been pretty manageable so far. I'm trying not to think too much about situations that are unresolved.  Somewhere along the way I decided to treat everyone to pizza for their hard work, it's not much but since I don't have a budget this kind of thing has to come out of my pocket. Sometimes you just have to take a moment in the chaos to enjoy yourself.

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  1. Bums about the hard week. Pizza makes everything better. ;)

  2. agreed.

    i'm like 95% scrooge and 5% santa.

    i really hate christmas. haha i could totally do without it. maybe i'll move to a country that doesn't celebrate it.

  3. I usually do home baking for my department, but this year I'm knitting little things for the Boss and the people I work with the most.

    Deep breath, smile like you're going to do something really nasty to them, and keep your Polite Hat on. Nothing irks an Asshole Customer more than having no reason to lay a complaint :p

  4. You're brilliant.
    You have a brilliant outlook, and you manage to reach out to every one around you despite how stressed you might be.
    I'm sure everyone appreciates it; I know I do.