Monday, December 12, 2011



Could we but give our souls a voice
Loud enough for those who doubt to hear,
We'd sing of summersongs within our hearts
And hear them echoed in return.

But soft words
Sometimes become weapons
Turned against us by those we hold dear
We watch our worlds crash around us,
Left to sweep up the pieces.

The threads that keep us together are thin
Woven in strands of fate and chance
A web which bends in the breeze
But is rarely strong enough
To hold against a fleeting wind.

Yet fleeting winds and fleeting moments
Are all we have
And all we cling to.
Forever hopeful
That those moments
Will never end. Registered & Protected


  1. Beautiful, bittersweet poem!

    I clicked the link to the blog you sent me to. I really liked her short story entitled "The Minutes." I felt it connected to this poem. Thanks for recommending it to me. :)

  2. Definitely woven in strands of fate and chance! And absolutely forever hopeful that the moments will never end. That just seems to be the way the world works I'm discovering as I get older. Very poignant- did you write this? Or is it terribly famous and I just made myself sound like an idiot by even asking?

    I looked at your Bloggers over Border project and am amazed at how wonderful of an idea that was!! I love it. You're so right that online relationships can be so special- even if you never meet the person face-to-face, there's a possible intellectual intimacy that can come from sharing a part of ourselves in that way. I used to have a pen pal in Russia when I was in grade and middle school. We exchanged letters for years and always sent things about our lives then too- pictures of us or our pets, drawings.. it was so fascinating. I have no idea where that girl is now but I always wonder what became of her. Blogging as allowed for that in some capacity as well. Seeing viewpoints, homes, fashions from all across with world- I adore it.

    And PS- Nick Vujicic really inspires me as well!

  3. Fleeting winds and moments are all we have ~

    I like the poetry form ~