Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Year That Was

  As this year draws to a close I find myself thinking back to everything that happened and picking my favourite memories. Unlike past years there weren't many hugely significant events in my life in 2011, but hundreds of moments that bring a smile to my heart and lips whenever they're recalled.

  One of the biggest things was Sandy's transformation. She's been seeing a lifestyle coach for over three months, not only has she lost over twenty pounds so far but she feels better mentally and physically. She looks better than ever and I'm really proud of her.

  Early in the year I made the decision to stop taking piano lessons. It wasn't an easy choice but with a limited amount of time I wasn't able to squeeze everything in, especially during the evenings. Some things like my favourite hobby (model-building) slipped by the wayside this year, which I've slowly been returning to. Through all of this I tried to keep up with my writing.

  When I began my blog in '08 I vowed that I'd always make time for you, my online friends and I've done my best to do that. 2011 has been the best year for this so far, not only for meeting new people but for strengthening my relationships with you guys both on and off my blog. You've talked to me of deaths and births, lost loves and new romances. Of the hope your graduations and new jobs bring. There were affairs and near-divorces, engagements, new pets, cars and homes. In a very real way I've felt as much a part of your lives as if we saw each other every day.

  2011 was a year of continued personal growth for me, of greater acceptance of other people's lifestyles and choices and meeting them with intensified curiosity. It allowed me to sharpen my communicative skills and reinforced what I've always believed, that it's even more important to listen than give advice (although I love being asked for my opinion). Some of you allowed me to go through some extremely personal things with you, and looking back I also realize more than ever how much I love these conversations and hope they'll continue.

  This year I accomplished something I never thought I would, which I'll be revealing in the upcoming month. I'm excited about it and I hope you'll stay tuned.

 As the remaining few days of this year wind down I hope you're left with some positive memories, as well as hope for what the New Year will bring. Thanks for being part of my life this year and I look forward to more time spent together.




  1. Barry, what a wonderful year ! I can't wait for your reveal!! ... I jut know 2012 is going to be the best both for you and Sandy!!! Happy New Year! xo HHL

  2. So glad we met last year!
    Happy New Year :) :)

    P.S. Your decision to quit something that wasn't working into your schedule is admirable. Lately I'm realizing that doing less and enjoying what we do is more valuable. :)

  3. I love you and so happy we met. Im so proud of Sandy, and you! I agree that your decision to quit is admirable, I need to do that with a lot of things and just don't want too... Though I would LOVE to start learning piano. Best wishes for your new year and to our continued and ever growing friendship!

  4. I do not believe I am quite yet ready for this year to 'end'. I should always seek you for your endless patience and priceless curiosity.

    The feeling of new years is so changeable. x

  5. Congratulations to Sandy!!! I know it's totally not just the weight loss- it really is the mental part that comes along with it. Always so rewarding. Good job on letting go of piano and sticking with your convictions about it- sometimes it's hard to give up things you "think" you should always do but really... it's up to you.

    And I'm with you on the blog relationships, I love them. I feel like I have hundreds of penpals. I get excited when I get to walk through someone's wedding or simply see what they ate that day. It's great connecting with people in this way. I even became texting friends with a friend in NYC. We never talk on the phone but we text a few times a week little things. It's such an odd relationship but such a nice one.

    Can't wait for the reveal.

  6. 2011, what a year, i'm thankful every day to have met you (and Sandy of course but I've already told her that). You've helped me heal and grow in some very real ways. 2011 has brought, God knows how many people the gift of having you in their lives, you've very clearly been a source of support for many. What a beautiful person you are to know, and if the world doesn't end in 2012 (J/K!) I look forward to see your successes at the end of next year :o)

  7. Thanks for everything this year. Our long (...long) friendship has really meant a lot to me this year. 2011 was a difficult year for me as you know, and I'm sure I'll be bending your ear some more in the future. I'm still feeling really unsettled and still not completely "myself" but I feel something better is on the horizon for 2012. Can't wait for the reveal..

  8. Happy New Year to you, too, Barry!

  9. I don't know where this year has gone babe. Even though there wasn't anything major (well ... except for my journey ... and you have been AMAZINGLY supportive) it has gone by in a flash. A much more balanced year I think it was ... no huge dramas. Lots of socializing. Developing relationships. Important stuff.
    Love you with all my heart :)