Sunday, June 13, 2010


                                      "Pray for Rain" by xMacha

More fill-in the blanks...

In 10 years I want to be ten years younger.

Loneliness is a state of mind.

Being happy depends on yourself, no one else.

The best piece of advice I could ever give is if it's blue and fuzzy, don't eat it.

I have always been an idealistic romantic.

The little things we do are often felt the most.

If there's one thing you should know about me it's I'll be a friend through the hard times as well.

Last movie I saw was Turn The Beat Around.

My favorite color is soft pink (not on me).

I couldn't live without passion.

I'll never think I've learned everything.

If I can eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be pasta.

If I could star in a movie I would be James Bond.

If I could write a song it would be "I'll Be" (Edwin McCain).

I think therefore I question.

I love because there's no other feeling like it.

One word: passion.

One state of mind: curious.

If I had my last drink ever it would be some mixed alcoholic fruit drink on an exotic Caribbean island.

If it was possible I would swim in your secrets.

1 million dollars is not enough to make me want to sleep with Pamela Anderson.

I blog because I fear if I don't everything inside me will explode.

Cry. If you can feel then you're alive.

The only thing better than chocolate is sex.

I don't want to love you if you don't appreciate me.

If I was on a deserted island I would want all of you there with me. (Although in that case it wouldn't be deserted then would it?)

I want to be able to fly.

I would kill if it was legal. The death penalty for not using turn signals would make my drive into work so-o much easier.

I sing when I think no one can hear me. If you've ever heard me sing you'd know why.

I would die defending someone I love.

I think one day I might do stand-up again.

I read psychology.

Its easier to hurt than to hurt another.

Kissing is highly underrated.

Hugs can make you forget everything around you.

Midnight phone calls are annoying if it's a wrong number, delicious if it's someone who's adventurous. :)

Water has always been pretty wet if you ask me.

Who ever said money can't buy happiness hasn't driven a Ferrari.

Magic is only possible when you believe.

I would live a hundred years if I could spend it in good health with those I love.

I want to discover everything I don't know yet.

Listen to your heart but  Nothing. Just listen to your heart.

Life is whatever you want to make it.

Age doesn't matter if you're four. 'Cause really, no matter how bad whatever you did is what are they gonna do, arrest you?

I would rather die than betray someone's trust.

I'm sorry for anything hurtful I've said or done that I can't take back.

My blog is me turned inside out.

Jokes are more frequent than funny.

Being helpless is frustrating when you can't reach someone.

Life through my eyes is pretty damn beautiful.

If I was an animal I would be an otter.

Stupidity should be rarer than it is.

Love is everything.

If I could name a planet I'd call it Amnesia. It'll piss off all the astronomers because they'd forget where it is.

My favorite number is somewhere between three and a million.

Randomness is better when it's not planned.

I'm slowly turning into someone I always wanted to be.

"Pray for Rain" by xMacha.  Art credit: .


  1. I LOVE THIS! Some of your answers are absolutely amazing!! I love that song I'll Be, I need to fill this out myself sometime just to see what my responses would be though you had several that I would have filled in myself :)

  2. This was lovely Barry! I'm glad your blog and your life is helping you become someone you've always wanted to be :) <3

  3. awesome post!
    happy anniversary to my very best friend.
    i love you.