Friday, June 18, 2010

Secret Friday- So Wrong, But So Right (Hook-Ups and Relationships)

This week's question: 

Have you ever been with someone you knew you shouldn't?

So begins the twenty-seventh  installment of Secret Friday, a chance to share some secrets and/or fantasies you've been keeping to yourself. Some are uplifting, some are heartbreaking and some are just plain naughty. All are valid.

Feel free to post any secrets you have on any subject.

Here's how it works:

1) This is open to anyone who wants to participate, from regular follower to casual visitor.

2) Post anonymously, no names please. It can be anything from mild to wild, anything goes. All I ask is that it's true. You can contribute as many as you're comfortable with.

3) I don't plan to censor content or language. However I do reserve the right to remove anything which appears to be posted with the sole intent of offending. I also reserve the right not to remove content that may be considered controversial. It's a fine line sometimes.

4) If you're someone who is easily offended by swearing or sexual content you may not want to read through the comments. I have no idea where this will go and won't be reviewing comments until after they are posted.

5) Feedback about this feature is welcome, anonymously or otherwise.

6) As always I'd like everyone to please refrain from commenting on what someone else has written; what may seem trivial to you can be very personal to someone else. Everyone has feelings and I want to see them respected, therefore inappropriate remarks will be removed. Fortunately this hasn't been an issue and I'd like to thank all of you for that.

And now to it...


  1. My best friend is his sister in law.
    My Goddaughter is his Goddaughter.
    We see each other at family and friends social events.
    And while I love my husband with all my heart, he doesn't know.

  2. I have. During the beginning of college, I started dating this boy... we will call him A... he was one of those typical boys, the GORGEOUS ones, but the ones that are DANGEROUS! I knew I shouldn't be with him, but oh man, I wanted him... needless to say it didnt work out, but it was a fun ride.

  3. Can I just start by saying the 'I hate that I love you' is exactly how I feel at the moment. I'm in the middle of being with someone I shouldn't. I never was good at ending things. I'll probably wait until it destroys me no matter how much I lie to myself and everyone else.

  4. I knew he had a girlfriend but the sex was too good & I thought maybe he'd love me if I fucked him. It was so stupid of me.

    And that almost threesome I had at 5am one morning when I went to pick up this guy. I couldn't do it but we started to. One of the guys I had been sleeping with but the other I had just met. It was hot as hell but I couldn't do it. It felt wrong.

  5. i don't love her, but she do

  6. I loved him when he was engaged and then he was married. He called me the day he came back from his honeymoon. We saw one another for 15 years and I loved him without guilt or shame. He eventually divorced, but I had already moved on. I wouldn't trade loving him all those years in order to be "right" or "correct." I loved him. And that's a good thing.

  7. As a matter of fact yes, just yesterday! It makes me feel good only for a moment, then I feel the worst....I hate that I keep doing this to myself.

  8. oh yeah. almost 14 years of on and off. we were toxic to each other. i just couldn't get him out of my life. almost ruined a good thing over him. but i came to my senses. at least i did that right. i think i thought i could change him. what did i know. i was teenager when it all started. at least it ended years ago....

  9. Congratulations on your 100th follower!!! I haven't been here in ages! I hope you are doing more than ok!

    bisous Barry!

  10. I once kinda-sorta cheated on a boyfriend by kissing someone I was in a play with. Bad, bad decision...

  11. I kissed a guy at a bar while I was dating someone. It was the best kiss I've ever had and I don't really regret it even though I know it would have hurt my boyfriend.

  12. ek! Wish I would have say this before... I have such a good story :)