Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Latest Addition to our Family

I'm happy to pass on the news that we have a new family member.  Nutkin was obtained from my good friend Shannon, and was my first Etsy purchase.  He's one of her first attempts at sewing, and the little quirks make him that much more special to me.  Since getting him on Friday he's made himself quite at home.

He's made friends with Widget...

and Dante...

and Belle...

Nutkin also met his new buddy.  They'll both be hanging out with me at work starting Monday...

Fortunately he's already potty trained...

Nutkin has proved himself pretty handy around the house.  He cooks...

after this meal he was pretty stuffed. (Get it?)

has his drivers license...

and helps with renovations...

He's great company.  Hangs out with me in my studio...

and loves Sandy's lattes...

We'll have to keep an eye on him though 'cuz he likes to party pretty hard.  He had a little too much fun at his homecoming...

Thanks for sending him my way Shannon.  Don't worry I'll take care of him, he just has to sleep it off.  ♥


  1. Seriously?! My mascara is running now! It may seem silly, but it feels so rewarding to see something you put your heart into (even if it's not perfect) be many miles away, and cherished. This MADE.MY.WEEKEND. Thank you.

  2. I can hardly type, I'm laughing so hard! This was one funny post about one very cute guy!

    Sorry that I haven't even acknowledged my award. I am still trying to get caught up from being sick and then going out of town to visit my daughter. But the comment that you left about it made me laugh out loud. You are very good at that!

  3. Hahaha! Oh Barry, this is the cutest post ever. Nutkin is so cute. And I love those images.

    Happy weekend Barry! xoxo

  4. Adorable beyond measure. Far beyond.

  5. Those pictures totally just made my day awesome.

  6. Barry - you are such a special person. And I mean this in the greatest way possible. This is beyond adorable and so funny and sweet. You are so creative and I love seeing it show in the many ways you display on your blog. :)
    ps- Three cats?! Woah! (I say woah because I'm beyond allergic to cats so your house would be the end of me)

  7. That was utterly awesome Barry!! Love the power tools one! Your kitties are so cute!!

  8. I'd still like to know how Dante got Nutkin out of the box without disturbing the box.
    Thank you for not including my pic with Nutkin. Not my finest hour LOL
    Great post as always Bear.
    Love you ....

  9. Hi Barry!

    I got your envelope last Friday. It was so exciting to receive something from you!

    Bloggers Over Borders is really such a unique idea!

    I've been struggling with what to send out, actually, and explained it in my letter to the recipient. I got the perfect inspiration only this morning and am sending out the package in a few hours!

  10. Welcome to Nutkin!

    And your cat's name is Widget? Adorable...

    So sorry it's taken me so long to catch up on your blog! I've missed reading it! Thanks again for guest posting and for all of your wonderful comments!

  11. I don't think I've ever seen something so cute!


  12. This might just be one of my favorite posts of yours ever, Barry. It is so cute and hilarious.

  13. lol ohmigosh this is hilarious. He's so cute

  14. hahahaha LOVE it! Adorable. :) hee hee

  15. Freaking priceless! What a perfect addition to the SandBar household.

    That's yours and Sandy's new name btw. I've decided and there's no going back.

  16. So, so cute! Gosh I wish I had such a lovely companion for my day!