Tuesday, March 16, 2010


                              any guesses why I chose this picture?

Today I feel like my life is in a state of limbo.  I don't know how else to describe it.  I had a chance to get out of the office at one point today and got what felt like the first tease of summer.  Sure we're not even into spring yet.  Sure it's only seventeen degrees, which for all my American friends (love you guys!) translates to around 63 degrees give or take.  But I felt the warmth of the sun, and saw the warmth in the smiles of all those around me who welcome a day like this as much as I do.  Winter has for the time shed its overcoat like the big reveal on some TV fashion show, and I like what I see. A lot.

  I'm eager to get things started, to see how the coming months will unfold.  I think a lot of this restlessness is just revelry in the temporary escape from the occasional drudgery of life's daily routine; the invoicing, contracts and reports that come with a management position that makes me sometimes question how I got here.  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love what I do and I work with amazing people.  Still I think we all ask ourselves this at one time or another. 

  There's so much I could and should be doing at this moment, yet all I want to do is write.  Throughout the course of today I could think of little else but drafting a poem I started writing this morning.  Or more precisely last night, when a couple lines came to me in those peaceful brief moments before sleep.  Not surprisingly it has heavy romantic undertones; try as I may to write about anything else I always seem to return to matters of the heart.  Much as a child who wants to paint a picture of a house but always ends up painting a tree.  Why is that?

  I think this year will bring good things.  I can feel it, I have so much hope for the year ahead.  Sandy and I will freshen up the house as we continue putting the finishing touches on our renovations.  The deck/pergola in the backyard will receive a couple coats of stain in anticipation of good times ahead shared with friends and family.

  I'm really looking forward to summer.  The sounds, smells and sights that just make you glad to be alive.  Tuner cars with the music pumping.  The unmistakble scent of barbeques wafting through the air.  Women in various states of dress, hair blowing in the breeze, soaking up the sun.  By far the best part of summer.

 I look forward to getting to know all you guys better, in forging new friendships and strengthening those already in place.  I knew last year that starting a blog would be a new experience but I didn't realize how much effect others would have on me.  I certainly didn't expect to affect anyone myself.

  Here's to restlessness, and the year to come.

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  1. Restlessness is a good thing Barry...it means that your mind is functioning perfectly well and that you have great ideas waiting to be put into action.

    Have a great day! Enjoy the sun while I enjoy the comforts of my A/C at home. It's just to darn hot in Manila now. xoxo

  2. I LOVE the warm weather and I too can't wait for summer! IT's going to be amazing!

  3. I just left a comment on Sandy's post regarding all of the computer/health/time issues that are cropping up for different people. I asked her if there was some planet in retrograde that we need to know about, or if these were just the early effects of the end of the Mayan calendar!

    I have been struggling to get back into a rhythm with my life and my blog, and come up with a healthy balance between the two. Easier said than done! I know that restless feeling all too well!

  4. I can relate to that feeling! If you don't know where to start with it all, then just follow your bliss. Your bliss is obviously leading you to the desire to write at the moment, which is awesome.

    Also, just enjoy the now! It is exciting when the future holds so many gifts, but we must not forget to revel in the beauty of our present moment.

    I am enjoying reading your blog and I look forward to seeing what this year has in store for you!


  5. I fully agree!! I loved everything you said, this winter has been long and harsh and I am very happy to see the sun out more often and the days feel warmer. I want to see the summer and what it brings as well. They days here lately have been amazing! They are breezy and airy sunny and warm. They have helped out my mood. lol I can't wait to share more of your experiences in the coming months! All good ones I hope :)

  6. I wish I had your optimistic spirit. Lol. Summer is coming up and for some reason it just looks dark to me, not bright like it is for you. I think it is because so much has happened to me, that I'm just dreading what is next. Sigh.

    Shine some of your light this way?

  7. What a beautiful photo. I really am itching for Spring. Are you going to share photos of these house renovations?

  8. I can completely relate to being restless . . .

    I can't wait for the weather to warm up and the sun to shine . . .

  9. Me too! Can't wait for warm weather, that is! I'm a teacher, so you know my favorite part of the year is summer, when school's out!
    Today in Alabama it's a chilly 53 degrees. I'm so ready for fishing, cooking out, riding with the sunroof open, and getting out of these boots and coats!

  10. enjoy the restlessness... it's another moment in time to be treasured.

    it's autumn in my corner of the world, but if you were to land here today you'd swear it's summer.

    love the photo by the way... would like to dine there.

    best wishes

  11. That is one AMAZING photograph! Whoah. I would love to see that on my sidebar. (wink) hee.

    I think alot of us get to the point and feel what you are feeling here. Life can be incredibly overwhelming at times. ugh!

    Hang in there and know you have those you can really count on! :)

  12. This just got me very excited for summer. I can't wait! I'm not a winter person at all... snow should only be allowed in the month of December.