Monday, March 15, 2010

Your Life Explained in Graphs (Part 1)


  1. These are hilarious Barry! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Barry, you are totally amazing! Thanks for making me smile on more than one occasion today!

    I think your Adobe graph could also be applied quite nicely to iTunes, as the freaking thing 'updates' every seven to ten minutes(rough estimate)....and always wants to add extra BS to my computer. Yes please iTunes! May I have more software that will make my computer run even slower? The next time I do this 'update' I was really looking for some multitasking-time to read and completely comprehend Infinite Jest. I've been meaning to read it, how did you know?!

    The folks at Apple are soooo thoughtful.

  3. This is my life. This is SO my life. Lol.

  4. OMG!!!!
    This is a great post; and I agree with all the Graphs; specially the adobe product time!!!!
    Made me smile ;-)

  5. wow lol thnks for sharing these it was funny!! :)