Sunday, May 30, 2010


How to not think you a poem,
When your words give rhyme to uncertainties?
How to not think you a song,
When you harmoniously resonate through the mind?
How to not think you a bird,
When you fly unencumbered by life's gravity?
How to not think you nature's fury,
When like a gale you stir the soul?

How to not think you? Registered & Protected
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  1. "When like a gale you stir the soul?" ---- POWERFUL line! Love it, Barry. Miss you!

  2. Wow Barry

    Sorry for commenting this late. This was short and sweet and it spoke to my soul. Thanks for sharing this.

    A big hug to you from Southern Africa!!!! :)

  3. That was so beautiful. This is what love feels like and I wish I could feel this again.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving that comment. It meant a lot to me. I'll be coming back here :)

  4. The post above this wouldn't let me comment. I love "No Air!"

  5. I love this. Truly you inspire me to write poems, although yours are incredible while mine are amateur still.

    xo, Sophia