Monday, May 31, 2010

Music That Moves Me

We all have it.  That one song which, every time we hear it, just reaches down and grabs us at our very core.  Sometimes we know exactly why we react this way, other times the reason is elusive.  Either way it can't be denied that for most of us music pulls out emotion like few things in life.

I'm posting some songs here (in no particular order) that have that effect on me. For some, as soon as I hear the first few notes they immediately trigger a tear. For others it takes a few bars.  They literally make me stop whatever I'm doing, and everything around me melts away.  All I'm left with is this feeling.  The feeling that someone has reached through my chest and grabbed my heart. The clenching shortens my breath.  It's uncomfortable, but God help me at the same time I love the experience.  Because even in moments of intense melancholy I feel. 

And when you feel, you're alive.

(Special mention also goes to Howard Jones' "City Song".  Couldn't find a video for it).

I felt it all over again just putting this post together.  It's emotionally draining sometimes, but in a good way.  Hard to explain, I guess you get it or you don't. what songs move you?


  1. I would have to agree with you on a couple of these. The Scientist and Warning Sign are two of my favorite songs. And I liked the One Republic songs a lot, I hadn't heard them before and I think I'll need to download them now.

    The one that makes me stop everything I'm doing is actually Yellow by Coldplay. It is my all time favorite. It may be my fascination with the color yellow or the meaning behind the song to me. But it makes me stop whatever I'm doing to listen.

  2. Well I only listen to gospel music. Most of the songs from Toby Mac, Michael W Smith and Chris Tomlin moves me. I normally listen to the words and if it moves me a lot I post the words on my blog. I don't know how to posts videos but I guess I'll learn in time. I have this certain song from Toby Mac that makes me stop everything I do when it plays. The song is Get back up. I just love his music. I'll even go and buy the CD just for that song.

  3. Blimey, big question. I'd answer but I'm fairly sure that I'd forget one or two along the way! I'm always amazed what a connection music has and makes - I guess in the way that all great art forms should!

  4. Too many songs to mention that I have an emotional connection to. Mission by Rush is certainly one, Someday by Rob Thomas. Different songs bring about different emotions. Some transport me back in time, some trigger sadness or happiness, other songs by artists who are no longer with us makes me miss the artist and I wonder what other songs they would have recorded if they were still here...

  5. I love both Coldplay songs!

  6. You know my fav is You Are my Diamond by Tiesto. It makes me want to dance. Not emotionally charged or poignant, but amazing nonetheless. Whenever I need a pickup, I play that song.
    Of course Amazing Grace reduces me to puddles.

  7. I think we offically have the same taste in music... every one of these songs move me. I am thinking of list and may do a post of my own....

  8. i know the feeling of a song captures your heart whenever you hear just a few seconds of it.
    i feel this way with westlife's song "my love". i have many others, which made feel this way. some arabic, english, german. and i love listening to Julio Iglesias spanish songs, even if i dont understand them. his voice touches me.
    music does magic to the heart.
    so are movies :)

  9. for me it's Van Morrison's Into the Mystic...there's just something about it.

  10. I LOVE say by one republic. there's something about that song that just takes me to a whole other world :) thanks for sharing!

  11. I have a number of them... I'll only post a few though...

    This one really embodies how I feel a lot of the time --

    VNV Nation - Homeward

    This one I heard all the time on the radio when I was visiting my Mom during the last month of her life:

    Seether (feat. Amy Lee) - Broken

    Around the same time I heard this one a lot too (and this one makes me think of the breakdown of my marriage):

    Linkin Park - Numb

    And here is one of the many songs that just makes me happy:

    New Order - True Faith