Thursday, January 27, 2011

10 Random Things About Me

  • I prefer to sit cross-legged in a chair, I just find it more comfortable
  • Joni Mitchell's long-lost daughter was one of my classmates in grade school
  • I was once surprised by a deer in my office, while working at my desk
  • I'm 5'11"
  • my first career decision came in Grade 4 when we were studying oceanography. I wanted to be Jacques Cousteau, and worked towards this through high school. Eventually it was obvious it wasn't meant to be when I discovered I sucked at chemistry and physics, and didn't have a great love for biology. In my late teens I wanted to be a precision driver for the television and film industry but discovered when I went to an agency that I couldn't specialize. In my early twenties I wanted to be a firefighter and applied to the department. My interests the past year have leaned heavily towards the counselling and therapy fields. So if you worry that you might never know what you want to do with your life, know that it's also never too late to make a change.
  • I've worked as a newspaper delivery boy, telemarketer, retail sales clerk, truck driver, factory assembly line worker, order picker, Lego demonstrator, inventory taker, forklift operator, security guard, courier, busboy, waiter, and now as a manager. One of the most enjoyable jobs I ever had was as a deejay at a bar. My boss was also one of the worst people I ever worked for.
  • even though I'm Canadian I've never watched an entire hockey game
  • I've never drank a cup of regular coffee
  • in October Sandy and I will be climbing the CN Tower in Toronto (about 145 stories up). I've done it twice so far and am looking forward to the challenge
  • I once got on the microphone at Burger King and made an announcement about a special they weren't having


  1. Hi, I read your story about what makes you tick and was moved by what you said at the end. About people saying about you, "I'm glad I knew him". That's exactly how I feel. I hope in some small way that I have made a positive impact in peoples lives and they will say, "I'm glad I knew her". Just found your blog, but will definitely be back. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and quotes. Sara

  2. I sit cross legged too!! and lol about the BK announcement!

  3. Sara, thanks for your words. Please do stop by again!

    Rasha, :)

  4. I sit crossed legged too! LOL

  5. 5-11 is my two favorite numbers... concidence that it's your height as well? :)
    And I have never drank a cup of regular coffee either. We might be two of the only people in North America who can claim this above the age of 16.

  6. Really? I def would have taken you for a coffee drinker Jen!