Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Most Annoying Songs, Like, Everrr...


There are a lot of songs I like, but here are some that drive me nuts. I'm sure there are many I haven't thought of yet, if I do I'll add them later or do another post. Most of you weren't born when these songs came out. Consider yourselves lucky.

Click on names in yellow and enjoy. If you can...

Kumbaya- by..unfortunately by too many people to list.   From what I know Kumbaya is another way of saying "Come by here". This song was probably induced by the same kind of acid trip that brought us Innagaddadavida (In a Garden of Eden). I believe the word Kumbaya is a Tibetan word which refers to the act of choosing to drive a spike through your eye rather than having to hear a song again. I choose the spike.

Going Up The Country- Canned Heat    Proof you don't need to be able to sing to get into the music industry. His mom must have known somebody.

Anything by Jim Nabors.  Go ahead click on his name, I dare ya.

The Holiday Season- by..I don't know and don't care.   Perfect example of an annoying Christmas song, plain and simple.

Skinamarink- Sharon, Lois and Bram   Okay, it is a kid's song. It eats into my brain because years ago I worked with a big oaf who sang it all day long. If he didn't weigh as much as my car I would have tackled him into a vat of boiling canola oil.

Having My Baby- Paul Anka    This song leads us to believe the only way to show a man you love him is to go through 40 weeks of pain and discomfort for him.

Tip Toe Through The Tulips-Tiny Tim   Are you fucking kidding me?

Anything by Josh Groban.  Sorry.  No I'm not.

Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon- Neil Diamond   Is it just me or is there an element of creepiness to this song?

I Am Woman- Helen Reddy   Cringe. The video I've linked to is very informative, gives info on domestic abuse. I highly recommend muting the song though.

Sometimes When We Touch- Dan Hill Overly sappy, even by my standards. That's pretty friggin' bad.

Anything by Il Divo

You Light Up My Life- Debbie Boone   Cheesier than the pizza I had on New Year's.

Ice Ice Baby- Vanilla Ice   Wannabe rapper. Like Eminem minus the attitude  and talent.

Barbie Girl- Aqua   Apparently there was some acid left over after Innagaddadavida was recorded.

Achy Breaky Heart-Billy Ray Cyrus   Kill me now, I can't believe I have this stuff on my blog.

My Heart Will Go On-Celine Dion    Sometimes I wish they'd sent her down with the Titanic and spared the captain.

The One-Elton John   If this were sung by someone else it probably wouldn't have made this list. But these lyrics are so formulaic and beneath him. "You're all I ever wanted, oh baby you're the one." C'mon Elton, you can do better.
Firework-by Katy Perry   "Oh my God" I hear you say, "a song I recognize!"  Not a bad tune, it's on this list only because I've heard it more times than I've eaten breakfast. On the upside she did kiss a girl and like it probably know how I feel about that.

Late entry...anything by Abba except 'Waterloo' and 'Knowing Me Knowing You'.


  1. This is HILARIOUS. I didn't recognize some of the ones at the beginning, which is a relief because they sound awful.

    You Light Up My Life was my parents wedding song, but not by choice. It was the only song my mom's cousin could sing in tune. Ha!

    I now have Barbie Girl stuck in my head. Thank you.

    As far as I'm concerned, Billy Ray did TWO injustices to the world: that song and letting his daughter get into showbiz.

    And The One happens to be one of my least fave Elton John songs too, so that just proves even more how we are twins. :)

    Great post! I needed a good laugh. :P

  2. I feel that kind of burning hatred towards that stupid John Mayer song about high school... running through the halls.. I wish someone would trip him so he'd shut up.

    PS. Can you post a picture of the big guy who sang Skinamarinkidinkydoo? I could do with a chuckle. =)

  3. Oh Barry! I agree with you in almost every "song" but, I like Il Divo and I like Firework, it hasn't been on the radio here yet!
    Come on, the week is almost over! xxx

  4. I hate "Fireworks"! I must say that I do like a few songs on this list though... "Barbie GIrl" and "Ice ice baby" are 2 of my faves lol.

  5. I'm with you on all of these except "Ice Ice Baby." I want to add "Christmas Shoes" and everything by Katy Perry and Ke$ha.

    Word to you mother!

  6. And, I forgot to say I hate the song "I'm on a boat" - there you go:

  7. I totally agree with the Aqua song. And Adam Lambert-If I had You.. comes to mind as well. Pretty much the whole Celine catalogue, ever hear her version of Twist and Shout? Youtube it sometime when you are not in enough pain and need some more. Any song where the artist uses autotune, and any song that uses sampling I can't deal with. Think up something original and stop ripping off other artists. This sounds like a good idea for a new's not like you'd run out of material...

  8. Plus I kinda agree on the Katy Perry song. I think the message is really good, and there's worse role models for girls. Oldest daughter S really likes her. But I saw a clip of Ms Perry when she was on the "Ellen" show. She had a bit of trouble hitting the high notes, seems she might have had a bit of "help" in the studio..her vocals can be a bit annoying

  9. I've responded to your comments on your blogs. Happy Friday everyone!