Friday, January 28, 2011

Love In The Rain- poem

I wrote this when I was twenty after a break-up. Still not sure how happy I am with it but it was one of my first...

Love In The Rain

I once walked through the rain
With a girl whose warmth
Shone through so clearly
It seemed to blow the clouds away
And made me forget the rain.

I was once loved by a girl
Whose smile was so bright,
It made me forget my troubles
Long enough
To love her back.

I once lost a girl
Whose love for me died
Along with the leaves of Autumn.

And now

Even through all the pain,
The twinkle in my eye
Is the love I feel for her.
Because in my dreams
We're still together,
Walking in the rain. Registered & Protected


  1. My friend thanks for your visits and encouraging words ... we still need to coordinate you and Sandy coming out our way...hopefully the weather will start cooperating..

    This is a beautiful poem... it is raw ... xo HHL

  2. Thanks HHL, it's a bit surreal hearing comments on something I wrote twenty-five years ago that's barely seen the light of day.

  3. It reminds me of a high school love - both pure and innocent..thank you for bringing back memories

  4. Thanks Angelina, it really was a more innocent time in my life. :)