Friday, January 14, 2011

A New Blog Is Born (this should be interesting...)

After turning my Glass Wall blog into strictly an archive of my writing I've been able to reallocate that time into a new, additional site.  The Secret Garden is a place where I'm finally able to feature all the things I want to here but don't, as I've been concerned it would change the direction of this blog.

The new site is adult-oriented, so to my younger readers please exercise discretion. Topics covered will be secrets, fantasies and stories (real or fictional, no doubt with a heavy sprinkling of erotica). I'm also looking for submissions about anything you're going through that you'd like people to understand (eating disorders, addictions, depression etc.).

There will be very little censorship at The Secret Garden, plenty of text and photos to get your mind and heart racing (I have a good idea of what works for many of you). I hope you'll consider following me there and remember, anything you choose to submit will be kept 100% anonymous. Any of you who know me well enough realize how much I value trust and privacy.

See you there!

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