Monday, March 7, 2011

Another One of Those Moments

I received some great comments on my Moments post last week, one of which was from a reader who had never commented before.  Channie dropped me this note out of the blue. I noticed it in the middle of my day and it really stayed with me, not only because of what she wrote but because it was so unexpected and incredibly uplifting. In writing of one of her most memorable moments she created another for me.  So with her permission I'm reposting it here...

The other day a girl from my high school sent me a message on facebook... Here's what it said:


I wanted to send this message to say thank you. I'm sure you're not sure what this is about... maybe you remember maybe you don't but here's why I want to thank you. When I was in grade 11 I was having a really terrible day. As you know my father passed away that year and that day my bf and I had split up. I was in the hall crying because I was too embarassed to cry in class... I remember you and I weren't friends... I'm pretty sure you didn't even know my name at that point but when you saw me crying you stopped and asked me what's wrong. I remember pouring my heart out to you and you listening, and then you hugged me. I think I owe it to you to say thanks because that day I had decided life wasn't worth living anymore... your hug and kind words reminded me that there is good in the world and just because I was having a bad day didn't mean that tomorrow wouldn't be better. Thank you Chantelle I have a feeling my life would have been much different if you didn't walk by that day.

~Kaitlin. "

This message took my breath away.

We were never friends... we were almost enemies to be quite frank... but when I saw her crying there was no way I wasn't going to stop and make sure she was ok..I've put this message here for people to read to help them understand.. sometimes the most insignificant things mean the world to someone else... I had no idea until that message came that I had made a difference... I had no idea that she wanted to commit suicide... to be honest I had forgotten that I talked to her at all until this message... 5 minutes and a hug was no big deal to me.. and it helped her.. :)

Thanks for taking the time to send me this Channie, you totally made my day!


  1. What a beautiful reminder of how much a word or gesture can affect someone and possibly their future. xo HHL

  2. Isn't it amazing how five minutes of your life can have such this much of an impact and stay with you forever? Thanks for your comment HHL, I think you more than most are acutely aware of how profound these moments can be. xx

  3. Thanks for sharing Barry... never again will I take for granted the simple things :)

  4. wow. it truly is the insignificant things that make the biggest difference sometimes. we can all think of a time in our lives when someone was there for us. usually someone you would never have expected. thank you, barry for posting. chantalle for speaking with this girl and kaitlin for deciding that your life was important to many others. even strangers.

  5. This made my day! So sweet, and what a great reminder:-)

  6. Channie, I appreciated the chance to have your story told here. :)

    That Girl, very well said.

    Tamara Nicole, I'm glad you liked it!

  7. Awww my bestie :)!!! I didnt know you two knew eachother :)

    I have a moment like that with Chantelle as well.. In grade 12 I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me.. so me and a group of friends got together and I decided to call him and breakup with him (yes I was young ..17.. and broken hearted) .. I was really hurt by the end of the conversation but tried to laugh it off while everyone else laughed but inside I was dieing. Chantelle was the only person who bothered to give me a hug and ask me if I was okay. From that day forward I knew we'd be best friends for life <3

  8. Hey Steph, funny I didn't know you and Chantelle were besties! Small world.

    Channie, sounds like you've had quite an impact on people. :)