Wednesday, March 9, 2011

On Friendship and Letting Go

I lost a friendship today. We never met and didn't know each other long but that was of little consequence, we forged a connection which quickly grew familiar. Despite this we couldn't move past being in two very different times and places in our lives.  So for reasons I'll leave unsaid, we mutually decided it was best to go our separate ways. Happily we parted on very good terms.

I'm not sure what to feel right now.  It's very bittersweet. I'm upset that she and I won't talk anymore, we took great interest in each other. But I'm thankful we were given the chance, however fleeting, for our paths to cross.  The thought wraps around me like a warm blanket; how wonderful it is the impact we all can have on each other.

My dear friend, I told you I'd someday try writing a Haiku. Here then is my first...

Morning bells wake with dawn
Your shadow fades at sunset
Bittersweet goodbye.

I'll remember you.


  1. I hope we never lose connection... =/

  2. Hi Barry

    I can so relate to this you. You know why. I also lost a friendship about a year ago. A online friendship. I still get myself thinking what he is doing right now and than I just say a prayer for him for God to protect him.

    Good luck. It will take time but you'll get over it eventually (she will not be blocked out of your mind totally, but you will find closure). Being pregnant and focusing on my child actually brought me closure.

    Good luck hey. :) I will be thinking about you.

  3. I'm sorry about your lost friendship, Barry. That makes me sad, although I'm glad you two parted on mutually good terms.

    Sometimes people are only brought into our life for a small amount of least that's the only lesson I can learn from similar situations.

    Last summer I had a close friend (of five years) who broke ties off with me in such a cruel fashion, it spiraled me into depression. It made me question myself as a person and made me wonder how much of our friendship had been real or an illusion. It still hurts to think about it. I wish our severed ties had been more like this one...

    PS. You will never get rid of me. I'm your unconditional friend for life. Just a little FYI. ;)

  4. Part of the twists and turns we all take, it is a notion of sorts to think how your 'paths' crossed. Your lasting impact will leave more than you realise (as is motioned from your last post). They'll be many more to meet, but none quite the same. That is touching.

    As Marlowe gave unto us;
    "Jewels being lost are found again, this never,
    'Tis lost but once, and once lost, lost for ever."

    Wish you well x

  5. I just noticed the thoughtful comments you posted on my blog quite awhile ago. I just wanted to thank you, and apologize for not returning the favor. I promise I'll try to be a better blogger in the future.


  6. Losing friendship is so hard, but sometimes it must be done for us to reach our full potential and true meaning.

  7. Even the haiku is tinged with sadness. beautiful

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments. People will come and go from our lives but I think we take something away from every relationship, and that becomes part of who we are.

  9. Oh, how sad. My gran had a saying, "What's for you won't go past you." Perhaps you both needed that brief connection of friendship, however brief. So good you part amicablly.

  10. It's always sad to lose a friend, but at least you didn't have a bad argument or something like that. I hate losing people in my life but I guess it's a part of life.

  11. It's amazing really how you can start a friendship without actually meeting someone. Friendship is not about the distance, but it's the closeness of the heart right :)

  12. Shrinky, that generation was so wise weren't they?

    Jill, it is good knowing we parted on good terms.

    Fe, you said it so well here.