Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Survival, Courage and Attitude- Nicole Moore's Story (Part 1)

More than anything, for me blogging has always been about people. I've met some amazing individuals, some of whom have very selflessly and openly shared things they've gone through. These are moments that will stay with me for a long time, not only because they teach me about things I may never otherwise face, but because they reinforce my belief in the strength of the human spirit.

Some of the most memorable of these experiences have been the times I've been able to unexpectedly talk with someone whose story I've heard only from a distance, and let them know the impact it's had on me. This is one of those times.

Some of you may have read the story of Nicole Moore, the young woman who made international headlines after being attacked by a shark on January 31st while vacationing in Mexico. Upon hearing of Nicole on the news I visited her blog and found myself moved by her courage and positivity. I knew I had to bring this to you guys, so I got in touch with her and she's graciously agreed to let me share her story.

I wasn't aware when I first contacted her that the media attention has caused a flood of attention to her blog. While the comments that people leave are helping Nicole in her recovery, she's found it rather overwhelming at times.  For this reason we both agree it's best I not link to her blog. While there are other ways to find it, I don't want to be the one to facilitate extra traffic her way. I know you'll understand.

Here then is Nicole's story, in her own words:

My Story

Okay….I know everyone wants to know the real story since the media has made a debacle of the entire incident, AKA Nicole Ross. After waking up and hearing about the media reports, I now understand why so many people were freaking out after reading the media’s account of how the story unfolded. So here is the general scoop straight from “shark bait’s” mouth…

I was away in Cancun with a group of friends. On January 31st, I had just finished playing a game of beach volleyball when I went into the water to rinse off. A couple of Sea-Doers off in the distance were yelling at me in Spanish and waving me to shore. I was only waist high in the water so I couldn’t understand how I could be in their way or why they were so mad but turned to head into shore anyway. That is when I felt a bump and the sharks teeth sinking into my left leg. As my blood started to turn the water around me red, I knew what had happened the minute it happened. Everyone asks how I felt at that moment and the answer is scared sh*#less but what I thought was that sharks like blood and that I had to get out of the water so I continued heading to shore. Before I knew it, a shark, (same or a different one I don’t know) bit down on my left arm and it wouldn’t let me go. The shark was pulling me so with my right hand I grabbed it’s nose and pulled my left hand out. The Sea-Doers were close by but unable to grab hold of me, I just kept thinking of my children, and just kept inching towards shore. Eventually one of the Sea-Doers was able to grab my right hand and pulled me up onto the shore. People were buzzing around me, speaking only Spanish but unfortunately I don’t speak Spanish so I laid on the beach feeling completely helpless aware of injuries and the severity of them. Fortunately, two young nurses identified themselves asking me my name and telling me that they can help. I told them my name and that my leg needed a tourniquet. Selflessly a man applied pressure to my leg while someone else was able to place a tourniquet. I then told the nurse that my arm was bleeding badly and needed a tourniquet too. I believe that swimsuit strings were used to control the bleeding and that this was the single greatest contributor to me reaching the hospital alive. I lost a tremendous amount of blood and because so many people offered help to me, I am here to tell my story and grateful to so many people that I will never even know. Even though I was attacked by I shark I consider myself to be extremely lucky.

Nicole has given me permission to post some excerpts from her blog, which I will have up Sunday. Please keep an eye out for it, it's well worth reading.


  1. strangely enough, i just heard of her story yesterday.

    what an incredible human being she is. to have even a quarter of her strength of character.

    simply amazing. thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow how scary! i find it interesting what goes through your head when you think you're going to die. She thought of her children.
    She was so brave to stay clear-headed and pull her arm out!

  3. If you think this is amazing come back Sunday.