Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Blog...

I thought I'd bring a new site to your attention that a blogging friend of mine has started. Eva is promoting Snap-Thought as "a community where people can share a glimpse of their lives through photographs, thoughts, secrets, and art." What appealed to me about this idea enough to post about it is that it's a collective effort, anyone has a chance to contribute their own piece of the puzzle to form a greater picture. Because of this interaction I can see potential to meet and get to know people from many different backgrounds.

Currently she's looking for:

  • Photographs taken during day-to-day activities, accompanied by a thought in 25 words or less inspired by the picture
  • Secrets to be anonymously shared, with or without a photo included
  • Something in 25 words or less that made you think, feel or find inspiration
  • Messages said, or unsaid, to someone in your life
  • Anything along similar lines to the items above

Click here to take a look.

If you haven't visited Eva's personal blog Screaming Whispers I really recommend checking it out. The writing is intensely honest, reflecting emotion that's at times raw and disarmingly vulnerable. From the moment I read it I knew she'd have an influence on my writing. I wasn't wrong.

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