Sunday, October 23, 2011

Featured Blog- And In The Morning There Were Birds

  I've visited hundreds of blogs since I began my own two and a half years ago. During this time I've stumbled upon a small handful of sites run by people who, for different reasons and in different ways, have had an immediate affect on me. And  In The Morning There Were Birds is one of them. The owner of this blog is Teresa Queirós (Teresa Q), a twenty-four year old photographer and actress from Aveiro, Portugal. Self-taught, she discovered an interest in photography in 2004 but only recently started taking it seriously. Most of her work is shot on film and has a very warm, almost ethereal quality which I just love.   

   Why have I connected so strongly with her work? I think the answer can be found in something she wrote a while ago,

"I find the human nature very interesting, so I love portraits- I love to see honesty and vulnerability in them. And that’s what I usually go for. Other than that I just enjoy creating beautiful images- I’m an aesthetic person I guess."

  I've always been fascinated by the many sides of Woman; her mystery, her strength, weaknesses and emotions. This is conveyed through Teresa's photography but she also reveals some of herself as well, she speaks more through her art than through words. Most subjects are friends (actresses or otherwise); she rarely uses models and I think the results are more organic and natural.

  I hope you enjoy her photographs and words (in gray) as much as I've enjoyed the chance to bring them to you...
"I do feel that there's always an underlying message or story behind everything you do, even if it's not concious. Everyone is a series of ideas and experiences and emotions, so everything you do artistically has a way of translating who you are, somehow, and that's a message in itself."

"For me light has the ability to bring things to life in a magical way - or an ominous way, or a beautiful way, or a mystical way (it all depends on the light you're working with) - and, most of times, light is what makes the picture."

"I'm inspired by a million things; I'm inspired by movies and music. I'm inspired by light and beauty and people - and by the bones that give them structure. I'm inspired by emotions and words. I'm inspired by dancing and movement. Art in general inspires me just as much as life."

"I like feminine portraits, I like the feminine nature, the emotion and sensitivity."

"I do take self portraits from time to a way of expressing myself emotionally."

" some point I'm always hiding behind my hair or my hands or... whatever! It's like I have to force myself not to hide."


"I like stories, and dreams, and lullabies, and melancholy, and softness, and light, and mystery..."

her brother Eduardo

A few of her photos left me unsure of how to feel. I love the way images can evoke emotion...

"I don't think I have a favorite scenery, sometimes light makes the scenery all by itself. I like to shoot outdoors, though, surrounded by nature."

 "I've started doing theatre when I was about 15, I think, doing some workshops and little events here and there..It's one of my biggest passions, along with photography and singing. I like to play complex characters who are somehow damaged by life experiences. I like characters with secrets, characters who aren't easy to read, the ones who say the most without saying a word. I like intriguing characters - just as much as I like intriguing people."

  Teresa, I've been wanting to feature your photography for some time and I'm grateful for the chance to show it here. Thanks for taking the time to collaborate with me.

  If you're interested in learning more or seeing more of this work, here are her links:

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All work remains property of the owner, Teresa Queirós.  © All rights reserved.


  1. Thank you for this insightful interview, I have also been a fan of Teresa's photographs for some time, however I have never read about her inspiration.

  2. Beautiful photography! Great post Bear...

  3. Very nice photos. I like the one of the girl's face the most with the shadows on it.