Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Identity Crisis


 Lately I feel like my blog has been going through an identity crisis. I suppose what's really happening is I'm just questioning myself more about the reasons I'm writing, who I'm writing for and the direction in which I'd like to take this. Over time I've found the blogs I relate to most are the ones that are very personal, written by people who talk about their day to day lives, struggles, feelings etc. I have no problem talking about my own, I do it all the time with some of you through our e-mail conversations. Yet when I feel like sitting down and writing a post about something I often draw a blank. Strange.

   The intent of this site first and foremost has always been to offer something that will hopefully be of benefit to some people. That aim will never change. Simply put, Life In Quotations is about life and how I experience it. Some things I write about are very obviously me and others might seem unrelated, but they all represent who I am in some way. A post about a girl battling anorexia may have little to do with how I've lived but it's a subject that affects me deeply and so I put it out there. Not only because issues like this are important and need to be discussed but because it represents the side of me that needs to care, and does. Everything I bring to you says something about me, sometimes you just need to dig a little deeper to make the connection.

   In an upcoming post I'll be featuring a photographer whose work has captivated me over the past year. Her photos say nothing directly of my life but embody so much of what I find beautiful and inspiring. I hope you'll drop by, and as usual if you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see here feel free to let me know.


  1. I appreciate the honest write. The journey of writing takes us to places, and inevitably changes us. I hope you find your muse or answer to your question.

    Take care and happy day ~

  2. As a photographer myself, I cannot wait to see the photos you will post!!

    As for the rest, well, we seem to be in the same boat. I'm thinking time will eventually solve it all. :)

  3. Maybe you should try writing in letter format in a future post. Letters are so good at unfurling everything. It's your ink loaded into a pen cartridge.

    Just because the ink is running dry doesn't mean there isn't any water to dab the nib.

    No one is just one concept. We'd be empty sheets.

    Hope you write more soon.

    M x