Friday, October 14, 2011

Thin Threads

Every once in a while when Facebook or Blogger go down, or there's an issue with Blackberry, or my computer dies (rarely thank God) I realize how amazingly simple it would be to lose my on-line friendships with all of you.

I guess it's something I've come to take forgranted, but when it's that easy to get in touch with someone by the click of a mouse it's also that easy to lose them.  It's actually kind of scary that relationships that have grown so close over the years hang on a 1/4" computer cable.

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  1. well there's always the ever so reliable Canada Post! You would suddenly have a great number of letters in your mailbox

  2. I realized the same thing when my cousin and I lost connection. We talked by texting each other on the phone, but unfortunately his phone got cut off, so was his internet connection. I miss him.

  3. True Leila there is always mail, I don't have some people's addresses though. On the upside I love getting something personal that I can physically hold.

    Shula, amazing how easy it is to take these things forgranted isn't it?

  4. It's scary; terrifying, to think of that.
    But it's also amazing, incredible, wonderful. And it gives me faith in humans, again.
    That there are people like you, somewhere in the world; and somehow, we've all found each other.
    With a click of a mouse.