Saturday, October 24, 2009

More Proof I've Lost My Mind

Can I present this to you and possibly still be the same person who brought you several introspective posts earlier? In what may officially mark the devolution of my blog, I offer here some Halloween costume suggestions that no one but a dog owner will appreciate. Your dog sure won't.

So if you do decide to dress Fido up in one of these demeaning, torturous outfits don't ever turn your back to him again. Because he'll never forget it.

Sometimes "WTF" sums it up as well as anything.

Go ahead, try and milk this one. I dare ya...

This guy's getting fined for breaking New York's "No walking a dog in public with an alligator stuck to his ass" bylaw.

This puppy was cut from the cast of 'The Mod Squad' because they refused to pay his agent in Milkbone.

I find this picture strangely arousing. Is that wrong? :)

"Is that a banana on your weiner dog or are you happy to see me?"


  1. Hahaha! I wish I had a dog now just for these evil, evil reasons. ;)
    Okay, seriously though, the little banana puppies are actually pretty freaking cute.

  2. yes, my husband has lost his mind. but that happened many, many years ago. i think it was before he met me .....

    can you believe I actually proposed to this crazy man??? it was the best thing I ever did ... and i haven't regretted that decision for 1 minute. maybe questioned my sanity a couple of times ... but never regretted marrying this awesome, yet nutty, man.

  3. Jen, puppies in bananas are one thing. Adding whipped cream? Now that would just be kinky.

    Sandy, thank you honey. We're definitely made for each other. :)