Tuesday, April 27, 2010

20 Random Things About Me

  • If I don't do something creative every day I feel unsettled
  • I've never drunk a cup of coffee in my life (don't like the taste), yet I have a shot of espresso every morning
  • I love romantic poetry but I'm also fascinated by people's darker side
  • If I could eat only one type of food it would be pasta
  • I'd rather do an hour on the treadmill than walk twenty minutes
  • I'm 5'11"
  • I relate better to people in their twenties than in my own age group
  • One of the happiest times in my life was walking the streets of Paris at night with new friends I had made
  • I want to have a threesome
  • I once rode a rollercoaster in my bathrobe and pyjamas
  • I want to write a book. Not sure what it will be about
  • I think sunrises are one of the most amazing gifts God has given us, and more people need to take time to enjoy them
  • Years ago I shared a stage with Russell Peters during several open-mike nights at a comedy club in Toronto
  • Recently I've taken an interest in sexual psychology. I think part of the allure is it's a subject that most people aren't willing to discuss
  • My favourite colour is pink (on women, not me)
  • Thunderstorms stir something within me. I'm not sure what it is, but the sound of water has a powerful effect
  • I've never found Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton or Angelina Jolie particularly attractive
  • I can't stand the taste of cooked cauliflower even if it's covered in butter and cheese, but I'll eat it raw with nothing on it
  • I've had three bad experiences with horses but I'd ride one again tomorrow
  • I've only truly, deeply loved twice

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  1. I've never drank coffee either! And my brief visit to Paris is one of my most fond memories. I'd rather walk than be on a treadmill any day :D

  2. P.s.-How does your wife feel about you wanting a 3some?!

  3. I don't think Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, or Angelina Jolie are attractive either . . .

  4. "I've only truly, deeply loved twice"<--ME TOO

  5. You're night in Paris sounds amazing. Tell me more.

    "Ive only truly, deeply loved twice"
    Its the story of my life.

    I've never found Pamela nor Paris attractive, but Angelina, now that's my girl ;) She lit me up. lol

  6. You've never drank coffee?? You are a unicorn my friend becuz that is rare indeed! I love thunderstorms too & you really should write a book!!!

    Thank you Barry btw for your comments the past few days. I really needed the support, & I thank you so much!!

  7. I liked reading this post. :) Everytime you post something like this it's if I know you better every time. :)

    A 3some????!!! OK!!!!

    Enjoy your day. :)

  8. Paris and Pam, not so much. But Angelina? You're possibly the only male in the world that feels that way! To each his own, I guess.

  9. I can happily think of dozens of lesser-known actresses (or people in 'real life') who I find more attractive than Angelina.

  10. Barry Bear!
    This was soo much fun!
    I cracked up and alot of them!Now,I want more!
    And you riding in your pijama's is priceless btw..I always wanted to go to uni in my nightshirts!=D

  11. I love Russel Peters.

    A threesome? Hahaha! You never fail to amaze me Barry. xoxo

  12. One Random Thing About Me:

    1. Things have been a bit hectic, and I'm sorry I haven't been commenting. :(

  13. As an ex-barista, I have to say I always give props to anyone who drinks espresso. I can stomach it if I need to but I still haven't built an appreciation to to. Give me a cup of strong, black coffee any day.