Sunday, April 25, 2010

Secret Sunday

I've moved this weeks' Secret Friday to today in order to accomodate the first (of many I hope) Free For all Fridays.

Welcome to the nineteenth installment of this series, a chance to anonymously share some secrets and/or fantasies you've been keeping to yourself. Some are uplifting, some are heartbreaking and some are just plain naughty.

All are valid.

If you get something from this I hope you'll consider hosting one on your blog as well. Feel free to copy and paste the guidelines below if you choose. All I ask is that you keep a regular eye on your feedback; contributions can be intense sometimes and people writing in need to be respected.

Here's how it works:

1) This is open to anyone who wishes to participate, from regular follower to casual visitor.

2) Post a secret or fantasy anonymously, no names please. It can be anything from mild to wild, anything goes. All I ask is that it's true. You can post as many as you're comfortable with.

3) I don't plan to censor content or language. However I do reserve the right to remove anything which appears to be posted with the sole intent of offending. I also reserve the right not to remove content that may be considered controversial. It's a fine line sometimes.

4) If you're someone who is easily offended by swearing or sexual content you may not want to read through the comments. I have no idea where this will go and won't be reviewing comments until after they are posted.

5) Feedback directed towards me is welcome, anonymously or otherwise.

6) As always I'd like everyone to please refrain from commenting on what someone else has written; what may seem trivial to you can be very personal to someone else. Everyone has feelings and I want to see them respected, therefore inappropriate remarks will be removed. Fortunately this hasn't been an issue and I'd like to thank all of you for that.

And now to it...


  1. I know that you just used me, but that's ok because I just used you, and you are a terrible fuck.

  2. I'm contemplating becoming an expatriot, but I don't think I have enough conviction.

  3. I scared that one day I'll lose my hearing.

  4. Honey,I love ya.But truly,it would help if you could find my vajayjay without help.Atleast ONCE?!

  5. I hate my fucking job

  6. I still love him. I know he rejects me, would never even see me- but today when he was down, i couldnt stop myself from reaching out to him, wishing to comfort him, and finding all love coming back.
    am i stupid or pathetic?

  7. I love him so much it hurts. I don't think I'll ever find someone who just made me feel complete. That day when he moved the hair from my face & fucked me awake, i had pretended to be still asleep, I fell in love with him and that was the day he fell out of love with me. I hate him so much that I scream til I ruin my voice box. He doesn't even answer my texts. I wish I could crawl into his arms and have him hold me. I want to feel him put his hands on my face again. but its gone and i want it back so bad.

    and Bruno you suck. you fucked me so hard you gave me a urniary tract infection. you made me miss the guy i still love more than i can bare. i hate you bruno.

  8. Tonight I feel like killing myself but wont.

  9. I'm scared to death that I can't get anywhere near my dreams, let alone make them come true.

  10. I am so scared to live without him. I am scared he will leave me behind. I am so frightened of living my life right now.

    I can't stop crying.

    I can only pray to God to give me serenity for whatever may come my way.

  11. Even suicide seems like an option.