Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Love the Smell of Sawdust in the Morning

Today was my second vacation day off this week.  And what better way to spend it than work around the house?  (I mean really what else are you going to do on vacation, relax?)  Pfft!

This is the time of year I trade my pen for power tools, kick up a little mess and make some noise.  Okay, sometimes a lot of noise.  The major renovations are finished inside the house apart from some trimwork I have to do, so it was time for some construction outside.

Sandy's off this week as well, and while she was gardening I got to work building and installing a trellis against the house....

My weapon of choice, a beveled mitre saw. 12 inches,
'cause size does matter (I'm such a dog, huh?) lol

hand's not as close to the blade as it looks

we start by taking down the little gurly-man structure...

and fasten supports the the side of the house with a hammer drill..


Feelin' lucky punk?

done baby, done

This weekend I have three more panels to install on the back of the house and a free-standing trellis to frame, then we stain the deck in a couple weeks. Always something to do.

So what did you guys do today?


  1. hahaha pic6 made me giggle ... did you put that saw somewhere it wasn't meant to go? :/ x

  2. I'd love to see the flowers in full bloom in that trellis... great job Barry!

    You look so fierce in that pic... I'm your friend okay? Hahaha!

  3. Great job. My husband is a handy man around the house as well. :)

    Well yesterday I went to work and today it's the same. Nothing new. :)

    You should enjoy the rest of your holiday. :)

  4. ahh loving the addition of the panels! :)

  5. It looks really nice! Yeah I am those ppl who relax during my Holidays!

    Pic number 6! You look funny on it!

  6. Don't you love that productive feeling? I've been getting into some yard work myself lately! It's nice to see the fruits of your labor, for sure!

  7. It looks great! Gotta love being productive!

  8. Good job, Barry! That's a manly-man's trellis, if I've ever seen one. I'm sure Sandy is extremely happy with your work.

  9. Looks like the chores were fun today! We've been doing yardwork too for the past couple of weeks...planting more trees...moving and replacing shrubs and plants we thought were going to be awesome, but suck a year later after planting.
    Oh, and just randomly...my friend's mitre saw was stolen out of his garage a few weeks ago while they were working on an addition...better lock it up:)

  10. haha what a fantastic job you did! :) You're such a handy man~~

  11. You look so powerful with your tools :)