Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm an Aunt!

I'll explain this in a minute.

Easter weekend.  Sandy and I headed out Friday morning to visit her sister and family in Owen Sound, a town about 120 miles Northwest of Toronto.  The drive usually takes about three hours, three and a half on weekends such as this when the cops are out.  God I hate doing the speed limit.

I took a few photos during the trip...

         Rufus,a Goldendoodle (Retreiver/Poodle mix), impossibly
         huggable. We ran and wrestled a lot.

            Scooter, a Cavashon (Bijon Frise/King Charles Cavalier
            spaniel mix).  I didn't wrestle with him as I was afraid I'd
            break him in half.  Which I didn't think would make him twice
            as cute.

He'd chew my ankles off if he knew I was posting this.  Like it's not
humiliating enough that someone removes your happy bits, they
just HAVE to stick a cone on your head.

He spent a lot of time doing this.  Hey if I had the ability to lick
myself and couldn't I'd be bummed too.

My Life As an Aunt...

Some of you have remarked that I seem to be very in touch with my feelings. This is something which isn't usually perceived as a typically male trait, but I'm okay with agreeing as I have plenty of masculine thoughts (some of which won't see the light of day here as they're deliciously out of keeping with this blog). However this little guy took that whole 'getting in touch with your feminine side' thing way too far...

Meet Declan, Sandy's niece's (Rhonda's) four-year-old son.  We were playing 'baseball' in the backyard, and every time he wanted me to throw the ball he'd say, "Yeddy auntie Bawey?"  Which was a verbal way of ripping out my testicles and throwing them out in the trash with Scooter's.  I was afraid I'd wake up in the morning with a cone on my head.

Sandy's sister Maureen and her niece Rhonda declined pictures as they weren't feeling photogenic.  Declan's twin brother Derek declined a picture because...I don't know, he's four.  Who the hell knows what's going through a four-year-old's mind?

Friday night Sandy and I stayed at The Doctor's Inn bed and breakfast, an 1876 Victorian Inn...

Owners Laurie and Steve were our gracious hosts...

Breakfast in the dining room...

consisted of homemade cinnamon buns, juices, bacon and Belgian waffles with whipped cream and fresh fruit.  My plate...

Saturday morning we all went to the local museum for an Easter egg hunt.  If you want to see the definition of awkward watch me attempt to pick up and hold onto a four-year-old boy.  About as graceful as a one-armed man trying to juggle a dozen penguins. No picture, sorry. 

But here's the Easter egg hunt, for ages four and under.  Picture a swarm of 35 pound locusts in pastels and diapers decending on a field, half with no clue of what they're looking for, and you get the idea.

Just what these kids need, more sugar and caffiene...

After the hunt we left for home.  Some photos I took along the way...

At one point we passed by a wind farm.  The wind turbine generators stretched out for miles, there seemed to be hundreds of them...

We arrived home Saturday afternoon, freshened up and went back out a couple hours later for Easter dinner at my brother Steve and his fiance Bobbi's home.  With both sides of the family there we had about nineteen people.  Overall a good time. 


  1. that's a busy weekend with friends and family... but sounds like you had a great time.

    i've enjoyed the photos of this trip...
    i like seeing your countryside as it is so different to ours.

    thanks for sharing your experience of being an Aunty and much more ;)

  2. Ohh so much to write here. Happy Easter firstly!! aww what cute doggies & poor lil thing with the cone. That kid tho is too cute. He probably calls the mailman auntie too. hehe. That breakfast looks too yummy!! Ya know that's great that you guys got to get away for a lil while. =) I didn't get to go to an Easter Egg hunt but that looks like a blast. There's one lady tho that needs to pick up her pants! lol!! Aww the horsies!!

    Oh I liked this post! What a nice weekend!! Don't think about cones!!! =)

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! These pictures made me smile!

  4. Awww it looks like you had a nice weekend! I love the photos of the doggies. And I'm sorry, but I laughed out loud when I read your little nephew called you "auntie". You poor guy. Always getting picked on by animals and children. Hehehe. ;)

    The bed and breakfast place you stayed at is GORGEOUS!! It looks like something out of a movie. I wish I could stay someplace as romantic and cozy. Sigh.

    The photos you took along the way are beautiful as well. It looks like the kind of trip I would love to get lost in...


  5. What a fun weekend...and good food to boot! Love your pictures:)
    # years ago, I had a kindergarten student(a little girl) that called me Mr. Collins for the entire year. It wouldn't help when I corrected her...she just didn't get it!

  6. What beautiful photos! Scooter is probably the cutest thing ever, and that's saying a lot from me because I'm biased to my dogs, and I work with dogs so I see a lot. That bed and breakfast you stayed at looks so dreamy, and the waffle? WANT. Glad you had an amazing Easter weekend.

    Oh, ps - the locust description cracked me up!

  7. That was a fun weekend Auntie Bawey. Hahaha! Your nephew is adorable. I love the images you posted here... good work with the camera. xoxo

  8. Hey Barry

    Wow you had a busy weekend!! :)

    I enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  9. Auntiee[Insert ripping part here] Bawny...I wiked youw powt vewy mutch <3

  10. awe!! so cute Barry :) glad the weekend went so great! what great pics!

  11. Awww! Auntie Bawey!! That's hilarious!!! Looks like you had a wonderful trip! That bed and breakfast looks wonderful!!!

  12. your post had me in giggle land.. I certainly have to drop by more often. Thank you, it was just what I need on this damp, cooler, rainy evening. btw: i sent an email to Sandy via your email, the one I sent Sandy directly kept bouncing back... yes, I double checked the address.. :) - take care!

  13. What gorgeous pictures! We don't have homes like this in Miami... I love the shots! And the colors! Thanks for sharing:)))) And, I just wrote an entry after reading about you being a great aunty. You reminded me!

  14. That was quite a crazy weekend you had. Declan is adorable (and hilarious). And poor Scooter - the cone on his head seems the least of his problems :)