Tuesday, April 13, 2010


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(Warning: if you're looking for any sign of intelligence, look elsewhere)

I get my best and worst ideas in the shower.  Case in point: there I was a few minutes ago, washing away the sudsy remnants of a hellish day, when the thought occurred to me.  "Hmm, maybe I should start another blog.  Maybe call it Bob Blog Glob".  If for no other reason than the alliteration made me laugh my ass off.  (Hey towards the end of the day, things have a way of seeming funnier than they are.  Work with me here).  It could be a place where I jot down my quick, mindless thoughts that have nothing much to do with anything really.  Yeah, why don't I do this? 

Because it's already been done in some little thing called Twitter. (Why am I not on it?) 

Oh right, 'cause it's addictive that's why. 



  1. "I get my best and worst ideas in the shower. "<--Me too!

    "Bob Blog Glob". made me crack up! Lol your so funny Barry!

  2. I get most of my ideas for posts when my brain slows down actually (when I'm in the bus on my way home, when I'm alone when my husband works overtime or just when I don't think at all) In the shower I only think about cleaning up and get out of there. :)

    You should enjoy your day, Barry. :)

  3. This post made me Lol thank you Barry :)

    You need to join twitter, we can be addicted together :p lol

  4. Barry, my dear, you NEED to be on Twitter. . . but then again, I NEED to email you back. But seriously, join Twitter . . .

  5. I tend to join so many social networks I lose track of my accounts and forget about them...that's a problem isn't it? lol

  6. lol, love it! I have missed reading all your insights and inspirations posts! Love the new pic up top! :) Hope you have been well.

  7. haha, very humorous. You should totally do it.

    xo, Sophia

  8. I'm surprised you're not in Twitter!

    Jason always teases me that I'm "addicted" to the internets. My argument is that my addiction could be WAY worse. I can at least put my phone/computer down and walk away. Some people definitely can't!