Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sometimes People Do Come Back

 I've seen a lot of people leave this year, for different reasons. Some I knew well, others only casually. A work friend I've known for eight years moved to a city hundreds of miles away, another died. One on-line friend and I parted ways, and although it was on good terms it was still hard to accept. Is it just me or do our goodbyes always seem to have more impact than our hellos? I guess it's because we're strangers when we meet, but a wonderfully tangled mess of hearts and minds when we part.

  But sometimes the Universe does throw a few back. It's happening a lot lately (mostly in the past three days) and I wanted to tell you guys about it.

  Two and a half years ago someone at work I was becoming friends with was gone suddenly. There were no goodbyes, no conclusion and it stayed with me for years. Last December we were back in touch, she was doing well and pregnant with her first child. She had told me years ago that she hoped to be a mother someday, and to see her expecting made me overwhelmingly happy. Her baby boy was born on my birthday, I don't know why but it was an amazing feeling knowing that. We corresponded back and forth a bit, haven't been in touch since Spring but it made me feel so much better talking again.

  Two weeks ago a very dear blogger, Shula, dropped in on me out of the blue. She's been absent for many months but we've reconnected and she told me she's going to start writing again. Makes me happy.

  Three days ago I was sitting at my desk when in through my office door walks a girl I know who used to work there. I hung out with her and her boyfriend two years ago, they both left work and she moved to Japan. I never thought I'd see her again but she's back for at least another year.

   In the Spring I amicably parted ways with a new blogging friend. For personal reasons we mutually agreed  it would be best not to be in contact any more (it's not what you might be thinking!), which upset me but I respected her wishes.  We commented on each other's blogs once in a while but never spoke directly afterwards. I was glad at least that we parted on good terms as friends.

  Tuesday night out of the blue she IM'ed me. We talked about her situation and I think (hope) we've worked things out. It's a really nice feeling to be back in touch.
  Also on that day I got an e-mail from one of my previous staff. She and I were pretty close, and confided a lot in each other. She left and we didn't hear from her again; a year later and there I was reading this message from her that she had to go back home to Africa for a family situation but she's back. :) We may see her soon. :)

  Then I was walking down the hall and saw a guy who I thought would never come back to work. (He had an accident fourteen months ago and sustained a very serious head injury). I was shocked and very happy to see him! He's had to re-learn many things, go through cognitive therapy etc., but he's alive and very appreciative of everything he has.

  So am I.


  1. "Theres 'Hell' in Hello and theres 'Good' in Goodbye. Thats why you shouldnt be afraid to say goodbye but becareful with hello"


  2. i believe that people never really leave us. it is more just an absence. i'm glad to hear you are back in touch with these people and hope it continues to go well. xoxo

  3. Im glad that you are happy with this. I know how much it means to you.

  4. I'm happy for you. What a great feeling reconnection is.

  5. Great to know that you are in touch with your friends again.

    Happy day ~