Sunday, April 8, 2012

Family Get-Together

I was going to mention Easter in the title, but since we didn't specifically observe Easter I'll just call it a long weekend. On Friday we had a big get-together at my brother Steve and his wife Bobbi's new home. Both sides of the family were there and we all had a great time. Bobbi and her family are Guyanese, which in addition to him landing a great girl, was a big score for me because I love Guyanese people.

I lost count of how many of us there were. My mom and her husband came, Bobbi's mother was there with her guy as well as most of the family. Unfortunately my sister couldn't make it but there's always next time.

the happy couple

her brother Mahendra (my West Indian soul-brother) with his
daughter Nyla, one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

Sandy with Bobbi and her sister Peshani

the Easter bunny with Bobbi's mother Seeta

There was plenty of food...

potato balls

my brother barbequed chicken and his mother-in-law
made her famous chow-mein


we also had a 12th birthday celebration

After this the kids disappeared to the basement for the rest of the night to watch Avatar in 3D.

Sandy with Bobbi's brother Dharram

those ears made their way around. This is Peshani's husband Tim.

yes, we are related. With moves like this
is it any wonder we get along so well?

I didn't realize until the next day that after snapping so many photos I didn't get any with me in them. On the upside, when I heard Bobbi mention that she had bought two pairs of Louboutins I thought about all of you who love shoes, so I went with the girls into the room and set up a quick photo shoot...

Thanks to my family for making it such a great night!

Today I was out repairing some concrete on the house and doing other things around our property, which I'll post about later. How did you spend your weekend?


  1. She bought Louboutins! Yes...out of your entire post this is what i got. Although i dont love the shoes she bought, i do love the brand. Funnily enough I decided about a year or two ago, it would be a graduation present to myself. So this November when i graduate University i'm buying myself a pair! lol

    That pic of your brother def reminds me of you! lol Glad you had such a good ime with your fam :)

  2. I thought of something else to say, but it flew right out of my mind when I saw that first glittery pair!! Oooooooh goodness!
    Happy Easter Barry :)

  3. looks so fun! everyone is in such good spirits. I love the smiles and the goofy images- what a blast!

    and oh geez, that food looks SO yummy. I want that chicken and the salmon. Delish!!

    Oh, and the shoes too :)

    I had a low key Easter, just hung around my place before heading into the 'burbs to have dinner with my family. It was nice!

  4. Looks like everyone had a fabulous time!! and yes Guyanese people not only know how to have they are amazing cooks (we are blessed to have a few Guyanese friends too!). Sandi looks gorgeous!! give that girl a hug from us.

    OK ... good job on the shoes!! Your sister-in-law is one fashionista and lucky girl CL is one of my fav shoe designers... xo Happy week..HHL

  5. This is great, looks like such a good time! The food yum!!!! Love the shoes they rock!

    OUr easter was good as well, we lounged around and hung out at a friends cabin. Was relaxing.

    XOXO miss you.

  6. Yum! The food looks super delish!

  7. Leila, you buy Louboutins and I'll be there!

    Ever drop me a line if you think of it, I'm always around.

    Caitlin, the food was really good. Especially the noodles! Glad you had a good weekend.

    Celia, why am I not surprised about the shoes? xo

    Rasha, how can you beat a long weekend in a cabin? :)

    Steph, it really was!!

  8. See...I told you I'm not girly. I'm drooling over the food and have no clue what you're talking about as far as the shoes go. Never heard of that brand. (Is that bad? lol) Oh, and Sandy is looking really good, happy and healthy. Her inner glow is brighter.

    My Easter was spent with my side of the family and it went well. No fights, nobody in pissy moods. Just overdone pork tenderloin. ;)