Friday, April 20, 2012

Twenty Five Questions


1. Lips Or Eyes : eyes. LOOOVE eyes!

2. Hugs Or Kisses: I'm a very huggy person but kisses all the way

3. Taller Or Shorter: shorter

4. Older Or Younger: younger definitely

5. Romantic Or Spontaneous : Spontaneously romantic

6. Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms: stomach. I know a flat stomach is hard for women to attain and I understand that, but it's oh-so sexy. A little paunch is cute too. :)

7. Sensitive Or Loud: sensitive. I don't like loud people but I do like someone with strong opinions even if I don't agree with them. Long as it's not forced on me.

8. Hook-up Or Relationship: in reality? relationship. Fantasy? hook-up

9. Trouble Maker Or Hesitant: trouble-maker. I tend to ask questions first then wonder if they were appropriate later. Fortunately it's hardly ever got me into trouble.


10. Kissed A Stranger: yes

11. Drank Hard Liquor: yes

12. Lost Glasses/Contacts: I’ve lost dozens of pairs of cheap sunglasses. The pair of expensive driving glasses I have were finally replaced after 24 years.

13. Kiss On First Date: yup, usually a peck on the cheek if anything

14. Broke Someone's Heart: yes, not intentionally

15. Broke Your Own Heart: I suppose, by falling for people who were unattainable

16. Been Arrested: no, could have been though.

17. Turned Someone Down: yes

18. Cried When Someone Died: almost always

19. Fallen For A Friend: haven't we all?

20. First Surgery: pretty minor (in-grown toenail, can't remember how old I was)

21. First Piercing: none

22. First Best Friend: Tutun Mookerjeah (probably didn't spell it right) from early early grade school

23. First Sport You Joined: T-ball. I also played soccer at school and took tennis lessons

24. First Vacation: Nova Scotia. Drove down with friends of the family (rednecks) in their full-size van with all the kids. It was hellish.

25.  Do You Have A Crush On Someone: yes a few. I'm married, not dead!


  1. You're adorable. :) I almost choked on my iced tea (from laughing) at number 24. I don't know why. It sounds dreadful, but the way you simply said "it was hellish" is hysterical to me.

  2. It WAS hellish! Picture a family of seven in a decrepit Chevy van held together with duct tape, prayers and miracles. Add yourself and two siblings then drive 650 miles over two days. And oh, did I mention the propane tank on board? So um, yeah. How I made it this far in life is beyond me sometimes.

  3. I had trouble with those 'which are better' questions. I found myself simply saying, "Yep," to several of them instead of choosing.

  4. I love that your first surgery was for an ingrown toenail. Not gonna lie. I died!

  5. Every time I think I've learned something new about you, you surprise us again!! :)

  6. love your honesty here! these answers are great. especially the "married, not dead" one. my girlfriend who is married was hanging out with all of us while we were ogling hot men at the park, we said "sorry, Catherine- we know you're married". She snapped back immediately "oh hell no are you singling me out, i'm married- not dead. they're hot!". ha- it was funny and also made me feel bad! I dont' know why we had even considered that she no longer found others attractive.

    Your answer to number 6 was really cute. I think everyone appreciates the end comment added too, haha. And I love the answer to 8- so honest!

    And thank you SO much for your considerate and kind comment to my post. I love your insight into the world- you have such an honest perspective, it's so refreshing. Thank you, thank you! And I wish I looked like an NFL Cheerleader ;) And yes my Blog has been 3 years, you are too kind to notice! I've been meaning to do a post on it, I just keep getting so tired in the evening.

    Enjoy the start to your week!

    And I think question 4 needs some context- are we talking wine? older. me? younger. Clooney? older.
    I don't see the big deal about kissing on the first date? I understand how going taking a first date to a bedding situation has its negatives (but honestly, i don't really care, life your life), but I have never quite understood the kissing part. Is that bad? I did it a few times and always felt okay. :)