Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Recap

Saturday morning started as it usually does with a pancake breakfast, my favourite. Usually this involves chocolate chip pancakes with bacon, followed by relaxing in the living room while reading and sipping latte. But since our espresso maker is out getting serviced we went out for latte at Debbie's, our favourite local cafe (the same place I did my poetry reading), then ran a few errands.

In the afternoon Sandy started feeling off-balance, which happens sometimes when she's been stressed and holding all that tension in her shoulders like so many of us do. Our accountant is a friend and we had planned to drop some paperwork off at his place anyway, so he invited us over to take a dip in their hot tub while we waited for him to do our taxes. Sandy felt better but I ended up feeling a little rough afterwards, dehydrated and had a hard time breathing for some reason. This unfortunately put a damper on our plans to spend some quality time in the darkness of Earth Hour. After a while we crashed for two and a half hours, stayed up for an hour then slept for another eight. Not the most exciting way to spend a night but obviously we needed it!

On Sunday morning Sandy cooked up a fresh batch of oatmeal, which I had along with the remaining two pancakes from Saturday (can you tell I love pancakes??) We headed back out for latte and a little shopping then returned home to do some much overdue housework. Sandy did laundry while I vacuumed, which I enjoy doing for some strange reason. I also discovered a short time before that the cat(s) had been using a corner of the front hall closet as a litter box. Charming. And so, since I'm the guy who volunteered for all the dirty/smelly/messy jobs, on went the rubber gloves and out came the garbage bag. I threw all the smelly plastic bags in the trash, doused the inside closet floor with Spray Nine, wiped with a damp cloth and sprayed a heavy application of pet odour remover. We'll see if that works, cats have an incredible sense of smell.

Later in the afternoon we took a break and watched "The Descendants" with George Clooney (not a bad movie), and afterwards I wrapped up my free time by writing my Secret Sunday post and going through a few e-mails. So, while I wouldn't call it an exciting weekend in many ways it was what I needed. Next weekend if all goes according to plan I'll be digging up another window well which will definitely be a story in itself. Wish me luck!


  1. Can I come hang out with you and Sandy next weekend? haha. Pancakes, bacon, lattes... relaxing and reading!? Count me in!

    Sometimes you just need to catch up on sleep, and life in general! I hope Sandy's feeling better this week.

  2. Sometimes the best weekends are spend relaxing and sleeping a lot! You can come vacuum my place anytime :). Ahh bad kitties!!!

  3. Hey Lauryn, if you and Aaron are ever in Toronto you're always welcome at our place. F'real!

    Jill, sure if we get down to visit you sometime I'll break out the vacuum cleaner! And so far, the cats haven't gone in the closet again.