Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Like many of you, I'm taking a few minutes to reflect on the year that was. Specifically in terms of how things have changed since I decided to start my website and join this amazing community. For those of you "on the outside looking in" (ie, who aren't blogging yourselves) I encourage you to at least consider it, because once you've taken that leap you'll probably find that life won't be the same again.

One of the biggest benefits has been the inspiration to resume writing.  This has been a great motivator for me; to my way of thinking once you develop any sort of following you have a certain degree of obligation to your readers.  Our lives are all different and most of us don't have as much time to devote as we'd like, but I've tried to stay fairly consistent.  I will however never write anything that's 'filler' just because I think it's expected. If I haven't been happy with it I haven't posted it.

Anyway I'm getting a bit side-tracked here because the real focus of this post is on you guys.  I've met many people from all over the world, which I expected, but what I never expected was the friendships that would develop along the way.  It's been an amazing ride. 

I feel better about life than I ever did. This year was so much better than last, and some of it is attributable to you (you know who you are).  My one regret is that I'll never meet most of you, however that's just geography and as corny as it may sound I carry you with me.

So...for you whose gaze I shall never reflect, your hand not to shake, or shoulders hug.  Our hearts, minds and souls have met through these wires, across cities and over oceans.  And I feel so, so blessed to have met each and every one of you.

Happy New Year everyone!!

PS:  I have a few things up my sleeve, and plan to make things more interesting in the coming year.


  1. Barry, we will be able to shake hands, hug and meet one day. I believe...

    Happy New Year my dear friend!

  2. Leah, I knew before I even looked at this you'd be the first to respond.

    And I hold the hope that anything's possible!


  3. Happy New Year Barry and to Sandy as well <3
    May you be showered with joy and love in equal portions :)

  4. Happy New Year pal. It was awesome getting back together with you again this year. I don't think I can describe what it means to me or how much of a void has been filled in my life. So, before I get all weepy I'll wish you a very Happy New Year, with lots of joy and good things.

  5. Happy New Year!! I hope 2010 has been kind to you so far (haha, for the short while it has been). I am SO excited to see what you have coming up on your blog this year! Honestly, your blog is the highlight of my week and now it is one of the highlights of this new year!
    I hope I am not one of those friends who you will NEVER meet. In fact, I'm just going to tell you right now that I'm not one of those. Because I plan to (maybe not in the NEAR future, but certainly down the line) go to Canada to visit you and Sandy. :) That is one of my goals in life now. I love you both so much! One of the only good things about 2009 was meeting you two. I feel so blessed! xoxoxoxo!!

  6. sweetmango, thanks so much! I've appreciated your kind words and your kind soul. Happy New Year!

    Tony, glad I'm not the only sappy one around here. Getting back together was about the best way possible I could think of to start things off. Happy New Year bud!

    Jennifer, wow what can I say to that? You've always been so sweet to Sandy and I and we're so glad we met you. Happy New Year honey!

  7. Ohh I'm glad blogging has made you happier!! It's replaced a very big loneliness void that I've had. Thank you!! Happy New Year!!! =)

  8. I absolutely agree... my life has been touched tremendously by all my BBs and I thank you and Sandy for being so wonderful! I wish you the absolute best and I'm looking forward to sharing our adventures to come:)

  9. First time here - found you via Leah's blog!
    I'll be back - this time I just say